Walker alarm going off!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dlomb72, May 24, 2008.

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    I have a 1996 MTGHS that has had the motor rebuilt about 1800 hours ago. The other day I was cutting one of my more undesirable dust bowls uh... lawns and the alarm that sounds when you start the machine started going off. Along with this, the oil temp light came on along with it. I did research with my local dealer and he had me troubleshoot several issues on sight all of which were A-okay. I let the machine cool down and started it again and put my ear near the alarm speaker (on the instrument panel) and it sounded like it was "ticking" like it wanted to sound and in a few minutes it did sound. The alarm is inconsistent when starting the machine in that it sounds sometimes upon starting but not all the time. I am wondering if maybe this could be an electrical issue and not an oil temp issue. Someone please help as I rely heavily upon this machine for productivity.
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    If you had the engine rebuilt, then It's most likely a eletrical problem. Have you tried leaving the machine sit/cool overnight, at which point you would know the engine is not overheating, start it if the alarm sounded then it's an electrical problem
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    just what i did and the alarm sounded as soon as I turned it on and did not shut off like it should. I chalked it up as and electrical issue and ran it for the whole day and it was fine. Thanks for the input.

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