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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fordlawn, Nov 2, 2000.

  1. fordlawn

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    I have just demo'd a 20hp Walker GHS-$9,000 and LazerHP 23hp Kawasaki w/52"deck-$7299. How do these prices compare with what any of you have seen or paid for these machines? Any feedback would be most appreciated

  2. toddman35

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  3. Cutter1

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    I paid $7300 for my Laser HP. I have the 23Kaw, 52 deck. I love it!! I have used walker and I think they suck on hills and they are slow. I also put the ultra vac on and that works great too. I think it was worth every penny and I'm going to get another one next year for the other crew

    I don't know if that place ships exmarks, but for the extra $500 buy it at the place you are going to take it for service. Keep your dealer happy and they will keep you happy.
  4. JJ Lawn

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    My dealer gave me a quote fo $9210 for a 2000 Walker 26HP EFI 48" GHS with the deluxe seat.

    And I thought he was high. :)


  5. DeepDivot

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  6. RYAN

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    I got a quote from my dealer on the 52" Exmark HP with the 23HP kawa at $6750 and will purchase one in the spring. Looks like an even better deal after reading these posts
  7. LJ lawn

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    i bought my TORO 44 inch Z for $5400 out the door.great machine.
  8. sunrise

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    We payed 6900.00 for a 60 in lazer w/ 23 kolher engine this summer and love it.
    the walker is a high price tag but if the job calls for extra nice cut then the walker is the one,but if you are doing large areas 1 ac or more then I would use something differant.
  9. landscaper3

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    We also got our Walker 26EFI 48" GHS loaded, tail lock, cushion seat, light package and speed up lit for under $9300.00 I am thinking about selling our 1998 Walker 20hp with only 240HRS on it with the 48"GHS deck for $7500.00
  10. Cutter1

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    The ultra vac wasn't part of the deal. I picked that up this fall, it cost me $1200 more, but it makes leaves a lot easier. I actually paid $7000 the more I think about it. My dealer has a big show every spring for pros and if you buy an exmark product on spot you get $300 off. Its a nice little promotion. Last spring he sold 15 lasers and 20 walkers that day.

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