Walker and stragglers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by T Total Lawncare, Sep 19, 2007.

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    I was riding by a buisness today and noticed they had some new guys doing the grounds work and they were out trimming some ditches. I looked across the property they had cut and it looked like krap. Stringers and clippings piled up everywhere. So me being the nosy one turned around and pulled into the parking lot to see what kind of mowers they were running. I pulled up to the trailer and low and behold there were two front mounted walkers on the trailers. I was like WHAT???

    Walkers are very rare in my area , but what I have read on this site from people bragging about them I would have never beleived this if I hadn't seen it for myself. The guy who cut it before had a Tiger cub and the property always looked good. These guys were discharging instead of using the grass collectors on the backs. The kind of grass and weeds we grow around here combined with the with the height of what we usually cut is not very condusive to bagging. Only thing I could think of in their defense was that their blades might have been dull. Razor sharp blades are a must to get the native krap we cut around here looking good.

    As many negative comments I have read about Husqvarna on here I will have to say my accounts look smooth as glass compared to what I saw today. I let the flak about Husky roll off my back now because I ride around and look at competitors all the time when I'm working my full time gig and I have nothing to worry about. I have come to the conclusion the flak is hatred for companies with diversified product lines more so than a hatred for the equipments performance.

    I don't have any hatred toward equipment anybody runs. I have respect for it all and enjoy researching, and reading about all the brands and watching them work. I think a operator and how well he knows how to use his equipment makes a bigger difference than anything.
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    I have a 52SD Walker deck and I will say that it is a very good deck for side discharging out of a Walker. Walker makes a couple other decks and I don't have experience with them but the 52 is a workhorse and has a factory double blade set up. I cut cool season stuff so I am sure there is a difference. The big variable is the height of cut. Walkers aren't speed demons but at full out they can get to about 6.5mph so that is another potential problem. You have to keep the mower blade above the grass to cut it. Your last line says it all because a guy can make a lawn look good with a Craftsman if he takes his time and sets it up right. (not that I ever would) but the operator is the key to a good job. Have a good one.
  3. carcrz

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    They probably just needed to sharpen their blades.
  4. MarcSmith

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    they could have put the blades on backwards, if its a GHS deck...Been there done that...felt stupid.
  5. Mrs. H

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    Sounds like operator error to me too. I can't use David's Walker well yet. I havn't tried but once. I had to go back over what I did with the Emark...which I personally like better. But, when David runs the Walker it looks good. So, it was me. I was doing something wrong. (no surprise there.);)
  6. topsites

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    That's all you had to say, that property is likely owned by someone who can't afford what it costs to have it properly maintained, so they look for Lco's late in the season and this is the end result.

    The clumping is the likely result from a more experienced guy running hot season settings, probably hasn't had a chance to switch to cool grass settings yet, so the new guys come in running around on cool grass settings and WHAM.

    They really need to bag it, but then I'd have to guess they're first not getting paid for it, second they don't know any better, last but not least maybe the owner finally sees the light, thou somehow I doubt all but 1 and 2 is the case.

    Because I tell you one thing, there really is little that relieves the never ending frustration...
    I am sure you've explained things to customers, and to other Lco's, it hardly ever matters.
    I've explained things if it hasn't been a thousand times over, still most never listen, nothing ever changes.
    So after so many years of always taking the shaft, there are but so many choices in the matter.
    Those of us who are left generally take the 'stupid is as stupid does' approach, at least I did.
    It doesn't fix the inherent problem, but at least it provides comedy relief while I don't have to deal with it as directly anymore.
  7. T Total Lawncare

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    Male, from The deep south
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    Top let me clarify about the new guys. When I say new I didn't mean new to the trade, I meant new to that account. You see it's a gas and go which has currently been bought out by another chain. The ex-owner had the tiger cub guy cutting his chains, and the new owner has got the walker guys cutting his. Both owners have or had until the buyout properties all over the region. They are under contract with their perspective owners to service all of the biz's.

    Also we are in Mississippi there is no such thing as cool season grasses down here. None can stand our drought or heat. I wish we could grow them because they look a heck of a lot better than what we mostly grow around here. In defense of the walker again I imagine these guys had been driving all over the region servicing the other biz's and when they got to this one they thought "Ah what the heck." It was the last account of the day and didn't give a root about changing the blades. But there is no way I could have drove off from a account leaving it the way they did. I would have double cut it or something. I think they suffered from either no pride in their work or they couldn't wait to get home for supper.
  8. bohiaa

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    my thoughts too........

    I have a qick 36...If I run that thing as fast as it will go...stringers everywhere..... of corse it depends on the grasses too...

    as most of us know weeds are hard to cut
  9. dave k

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    I have 3 different decks for my 20 HP Walker, a 42" GHS which was never made right from the Factory, its never been level and I have had countless e-mails with Bob about it and I gave up after coming closer than any of the service reps with using thin washers to get close. also have a 42" old style mulching deck which cuts better with gators than the original set up, and a 48" SD which is ok but doesn't cut clippings small, what ever height the grass is that is cut, thats the size of clippings, I think what might be happening is they cut with the back open and clumps of grass shoot out? Just a guess.
  10. tomo

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    The condition of grass in the ditches u describe sounds as if it is just weedy native grasses etc not manicured turf etc
    U did not say if the particular co. was using ghs decks or s/d .
    As i own s/d and ghs walkers and toro turbo force the conclusion is that the toro is way better at tall thick weedy type cuts than the walker ever will be .
    Way way less stringers r left ,mainly due to the toro deck being able to eject clippings easier and faster [less clippings stay around the cutting zone]


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