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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by CQ_DX, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Anyone using the Magna-Matic # 1000-35 Blade Hole Adapter for Walker trash cups?

    If yes, how do you find they fit into the trash cup's double-flatted hole?

    Are the cups OEM, or non-OEM?
  2. CQ_DX

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    FWIW -
    I now have a Walker Cup Adapter that fits OEM cups, both brand new as well as cups used in the field.

    It is now possible to check the balance and then grind off metal to get the cup into perfect balance.

    On a 50 cup sampling (used cups), we found the need to balance 26 cups; about 50%.

    If you sharpen Walker blades, we suggest you get one of these adapters.
  3. CQ_DX

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    We have been using this Walker cup adapter for almost three months now. The adapter is holding up better than expected given it is not metal and is of a plastic material.

    Given we have balanced all customers' cups that were off-balance, we have not seen any additional ones to comment on.

    1. The final tally of balanced cups vs. unbalanced cups we received remains about 50%.
    2. Once balanced, cups stay balanced - except for a few abused cups which were again balanced and are again OK. We check the cup's balance every time it is removed and ultrasonically cleaned.
    3. With balanced cups we no longer have to tweak sharpening a blade's balance to offset an unbalanced cup and blade assembly.
    4. We no longer have to use 3/4" long shear bolts on the "light" side to offset a slightly unbalanced assembly (think "wheel weights").
    5. We no longer have to mark the heavy end of tweaked blade or cup in order to attach the heavy cup end opposite to the (on purpose) heavy end of the blade.

    Bottom line -
    The adapter is saving us time. Well worth the purchase.

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