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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by CurbAppealKS, Apr 11, 2013.

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    Thinking about ordering a set of blades for my 48" walker from J-Thomas. A set comes to $25 and some change. My local dealer wants $25 a blade. My question for you guys is, are there any differences that you know of between the blades from Thomas and the blades from my dealer? It seems a little weird to me that I can get a full set for the same price as a single blade. Makes me kind of uneasy based on the potential quality from the online store.
  2. gene gls

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    There has to be a big differance. I can't speak about J-Thomas blades but I used to buy after market blades for my Walker. There was a differance, the blade was thiner, the sail and cutting edge was longer than OEM blade and the sail was not as high. The blades also had a harder temper and chipped more often than OEM blades. I understand now there are a brand of blades that are only .150 thick instead of the .204 that was used for the after market that bought. OEM Walker blades are .250 thick. If J-Thomas blades are .150 thick, I would never use them.
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    This is actually a very interesting topic and there is a little bit of info in the archives but I have been digging into this one as well. According to some Walker owners, there are a number of non-Walker blades that will work on a Walker... Some of these need to be fabricated slightly by grinding some of the metal off due to it being a tiny bit too long... There was even a guy on one of the threads that claimed Walker sent him blades with holes for attaching string trimmer line! Weird! Anyway, I am super interested in running hi lift or mulching blades on the GHS units because of how much more I believe one could fit into the hopper.... Folks have done this and posted on it but just not extensively... I have visions of a hopper full of confetti sized pieces of grass! This would be great!

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