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is there walker blades that are made like the gators ,where they will cut down on the volume of clippings that go into the bag.instead of the regular blades?

i have a 2002 26efi ghs.


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They make gators for the Walker. I use them and I think they make a difference on the amount of clippings in hopper. I also think they are a better blade than Walker standard GHS blades.
Just my opinion, my brother runs the same machine and blades and he thinks there is no difference.
The gators seem tougher and hold edge longer. Around here they are also cheaper.
I had a flyer recently gators for the 48" ghs were less than $10.00 a piece if you bought a certain amount. I think it was 10 blades to get discount.
Anyways look around, every large dealer around said no to Gators for the Walker. I found a small dealer in a out of the place and he found them.
Good Luck