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walker boom sprayer


LawnSite Senior Member
northeast ,ohio
any one use one? looking at it for early fall and spring weed apps only .only 25 gallon but should be ok i do not have many lawns over 1 acre of grass that get sprayed


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
I don't have one but I am interseted also. I wonder how much overspray a guy would wear with that out front like that?

Kent Lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
Effective weed control can be done with as little as 16oz/1000 solution. A number of guys I know also use 32oz/1000. At that rate you could cover 100-200,000 sq. ft. with 25 gallons. Of course you would need more for fertilizer or fungicide sprays.


LawnSite Silver Member
Ontario, Canada
I made my own front mount sprayer with knockaway booms for my Walker. I remove the GHS bin and mount the sprayer tank there for better traction. I also wear a full rainsuit, rubber boots and respirator while spraying.


LawnSite Senior Member
I do not have a Walker, but I seen the ad picture in Grounds. Reminded me of a guy here in town that mounted a boom on the front of a pickup truck - reverse ag style. He sprayed a industrial site, about 15 acres. Seemed like a good idea when I seen him spraying.

He has it on the back of the truck now. He burned tire marks on the entire property. Seems that the tires carried the pesticide causing a higher rate of application everywhere the tires rolled. Looked like he drove around with Roundup on the tires.

Something to think about if planning on using a low tolerence product.

gr8 1

LawnSite Member
We got a sprayer this spring for our walker. It is from a company called Prolawn. I think? It has covers around the nozzles so there is no drift at all. It is 10ft wide with break-away wings. You can run the center or each wing sepratly. The wings lift up for transport or to go around obstacles. The wings can also come off to do small areas.

It has a spray wand for touch up. It has a 30 gal. tank. I think the cost was around $1300.

You could spray in a hurricane and not get any drift. It has cut time in half and my legs feel great.