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Today I pulled up to a lawn at the same time as another Lawn company which was mowing the lawn next door. Right off the bat I wanted to race (of course) He got on his Walker and I pulled down my Exmark Metro with A velky and we were off. Both of the lawns were about the same size and I ended up winning by about a minute. But that is not the point. When I started edging my lawn I looked at his and the cut quality was horrible. It looked like he had mowed it with a rusty butterknife. There were straglers everywhere and the lawn looked like crap. I was interested in purchasing a Walker next year but now I am not so sure. I have heard good things in here about the Walker cut Quality so I was wondering what was wrong. He had mowed at around the same speed as me, 5-6 MPH. His grass was also a little longer than mine but nothing real bad, around 5 inches. Did he go too fast? Had he not sharpened his blades since the 4th of july? Just wondering what cut quality some of you Walker users have Experienced.


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i have a 42 ghs deck and a 54 side discharge blades are sharpened daily with the 42 it seems that on moderately wet grass sometimes i see some straglers. this is usually on thinner fescue i think it gets blown around under the deck also the water lubricating to get a sos so cut. the same with all mowers ? with the 54 deck it can cut in the driving rain really well but the deck loads up with grass fast
when dry both cut really good
in very thick dense grass and wet both cut good

i think these characteristics are similar with most mowers but i am looking for a midmount that cuts exceptional in the rain(keeping the walker)
i think also that if it is production discharge mowing that you do maybe you need a different mower i think the walker is a versatile machine that does good collecting but if you do not need to collect get something else


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Ryan, I own a Walker MT-54 w/ Side Discharge and I love the way it cuts. I can cut when it is wet or dry and the lawn looks great. I used to use a Toro WB and my customers are very happy with the Walker cut. His problem might have been loke you said he might have sharpened his blades in April and not sharpened them since. I love my Walker and would buy another one in a NEW YORK minute. As for any mower if you do not maintain the blades they will all cut like $hit.
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operator has a lot to do with cut quality,bet his blades were anything but sharp...check out his machine next time just say your intersted in one ....some grasses i find my self slowing the ground speed down until i readjusted the tension on the pto belt. but i seem to always on resi's anyway make up time in the trimming dept. you probally exsited him showing up and he to was races and unlike you forgot the real reason he was there.that also happens when i put two left blades on by mistake i ussallly chatch it after the fisrt pass and then it's back to the truckto fix itLOL ...DEMO ONE YOUR SELF AND SEE IF YOU COULD OPERATE IT BETTER .MAKE SURE THE BLADES ARE SHARP.but i don't have this problem on turf at all ...burmuda, zoyzia etc.etc

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I run a MT42 side discharge with the beloved 25Command. I've ran many different machines over the years.
There are a few bad designs out there, but overall, quality depends greatly on the operator. Regardless of what he or she is operating. I've even observed a DC leaving a rough cut.(must of been a new guy)


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I just bought an Exmark 60" 22hp Kaw and ran it in the rain today
against a new Walker 25hp Kubota 60". The Walker is a good machine but the Exmark cut cleaner, faster, and spreads the clippings further. The Walker was leaving more grass clumps
. The owner of the Walker now is talking about new Exmark by spring. He couldn't beleive the difference.

But don't get me wrong I like the Walker, but the quality is
a little better with Exmark.

I would Demo the Emark Lazer Z with the adjustable seat option that absorbs the bumps. Remember midmounts are
rougher riding.


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Another variable is the height of cut along with the speed.

Once you lift the deck to 3" or better you have to slow down to allow the vacuum action of the deck to lift the grass. Different varieties of grass behave differently and if you go too fast some of the grass is flattened out instead of picked up to be cut. The lower the deck the cleaner the cut.
Of course you have to have sharp blades and that could be some of the problem also.

Walkers got a great quality of cut but as was said it is not a production mower it is a precision mower. Like anything else, you have to learn how to use the tool you are working with.
I wouldn't doubt your Exmark was done fast and it prpobaly looked good but you won't be able to vacuum a lawn like my Walker. Its not a good comparison. If the guy on the Walker wants to race then he needs a different machine.Good Luck

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I have a 36" Walker (small deck but it's great for getting through gates.) I love the cut it leaves... but I keep my blades sharp.

"It looked like he had mowed it with a rusty butterknife"

His blades probably were like rusty butterknives!

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Don't compair his walkers cut to other walkers!Trust me!I run both Walkers and Scag walk-behinds.We were also haveing trouble with our quality of cut,but we solved the problem.We put a new set of blades on it and did a bit of adjusting on the deck.Now the cut is awsome!!!!!We have found the walkers give a great cut......but if you do not keep your blades sharp or have blades with very little lip left on them you will be left with a crappy cut!I know companys that sharpen there blades once a month!!!!!Who's lawn looks better do you think mine or there's????????Duh!Try not to judge a machine be its rider.....many riders have lower IQ's than the machine they are riding!

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