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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by kfen, May 21, 2004.

  1. kfen

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    I have a Walker with a D600 diesel engine. First off does anyone know wereI can get a good repair manual? I have two diff. problems. First one is my mower will not start when cold with out a small shot of either. It smokes when trying to start so I guess it is getting fuel. Second after running for about 30 min. the mower will start to die like it is running out off fuel and then will continue on for a several min. and then repeat this again. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Also my temp runs around 210 deg. this does not seem right but I have never owned a diesel before.
  2. sdwally

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    How many hours are on the engine? I assuming there is not glow plugs since you are using ether. If it has glow plugs, DO NOT USE ETHER! If it has glow plugs, pull them out and bench test them with 12 volts, tips should get red hot. Other possible problems would be that the injectors need rebuilt, or not as likely the injector pump.
    When was the last time the fuel filters were change? Is there a fuel pump to supply fuel to the injector pump? If so verify it is working properly when engine starts to cut out. However my bet is on the injectors or injector pump.
    Injectors run about $60 to rebuild, injector pump rebuild a few $100.
  3. kfen

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    Yes it does have glow plugs. I used either to start it a couple of times. I hope it has not caused any harm. I will do as you have suggested. I did crack the injector lines with it running. I thought it would squirt out under pressure but it just trickled out. Maybe this is my problem not enough pressure. Thank you
  4. xcopterdoc

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    Ok.. time for a glow plug troubleshooting class... To test glow plugs you dont have to remove them. A simple 12 volt test light works fine. To check the glow plugs, disconnect electrical wire to glow plug. Hook the ground plug of your test light to the positive side of the battery. Touch the glow plug where the wire hooks on, If the test light lights bright, the glow plug is good. Now take the test light ground wire and hook it to the negative side of the battery and check for power at the glow plug wire with the switch on. If both tests are ok, look else where for your problem. Change the fuel filter, test the fuel pump, test for compression. A special diesel compression tester and fitting to go in the glowplug or injector hole is needed. Also make sure your battery is fully charged and in good shape. If a diesel cranks slow it will be hard to start or wont start at all.

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