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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JShe8918, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. JShe8918

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    Well i am going to bite the bullet and add my favorite mower back to my trailer. I loved my walker and got rid of it to get a larger one and wound up with a husqvarna instead. Well now i have yards that call for the walker and several larger accounts that call for the husqvarna. Sooooooo I was trying to figure out whether i wanted the MTL31 or the MT26 both with the 52" GHS deck. Well first things first. The MTL has 2 additional MPH than the 26 and it also has the michigan suspension seat on it. So its kind of a catch 22. Oh and if i wanted to add the michigan seat to the 26 it is a 1000 more and i don't know what the speed up kit costs.

    Here are the prices i recieve from my dealer. They seem to be a bit higher than what everyone on here has been talking about.

    Walker MT26 10,595
    Walker MT31 12,836
    Than the 52" deck is $2,027 additional then they are charging $75 for assembly and setup?

    I have never been charged money for setup and assembly before. And i have bout 6 mowers brand new in the past 4 years. Also he quoted me MSRP if i am not mistaken and said he can't go any lower. Seriously now. He also quoted me a toro dingo with the cultivator and auger. He came off the dingo 4,000 the cultivator 1,000 and the auger 700. I had previously told him that i was looking into getting a dingo in the later part of the summer. So he knew right now i was strictly looking for the walker. What is everyone else think of the quote on the walker?
  2. nlminc

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    A couple of months ago I was quoted 11,600.00 on the 26 walker with a 42" deck. Out the door including taxes..

    You can prep and install the deck yourself!
  3. Jason Rose

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    Price-wise, considering you are looking at the EFI models, I think that's pretty much where they are priced now. It's not 4 years ago. Prices on ALL commercial mowers has gone through the roof, and Walkers have probably gone up the most % in 4 years as any of them.

    As for the assembly charges, there's more to that than just putting the deck on the tractor. Most dealers just don't blatently put their extra fees on the ticket, it's just worked into the price of the machine.

    I also don't really like the quotes that seperate the price of the tractor and the deck. That's dumb, you can't use one without the other... If you ask for a price on a MT23 with 48" bagging deck I want to see one figure, the total price. I don't want to have to be doing the math myself. Of course some do that because it makes for smaller numbers which tricks the buyers brain into thinking it's less money here versus another dealer.
  4. ALC-GregH

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    Jason, the dealer I go to pulled that crap on me when I bought my MS390 chainsaw. I looked at the price for the saw and told him I'd take it. He rang it up and it was $100+ more after he added a chain and bar! WTF?
  5. Bogielski

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    Buy exmark, the navigator has alot of the same options as walker and they are alittle cheaper than walker for the same quality.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sounds like your dealer is trying to be a used car dealer adding fees and crap like that. Play hardball or go to another dealer.
  7. zak406

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    I would atleast try another dealer before buying from hiim, if i remember correctly and i was just at a walker dealer the other day the 26efi was going for 10 something around here...
  8. JShe8918

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    Well the only other dealer is Singley small engine and the owner is a prick. He priced me out the MTL31 with 52" deck last season for 15,5xx! His shop stays two weeks behind in the summer. He told me to bring my mower to him two seasons ago and he would have it fixed in about 3 hours. Well i drove two hours up there, took him the mower, and headed to the mall. When i returned 4 hours later it hadn't been touched. So i went home. Three days later he called me and told me they had just finished it up. If i hadn't previously owned and fallen in love with a walker i would go a different route. Also i have priced the navigator and it is a little cheaper, only about 1500. However it is a 48" deck and my dealer had horror stories on the navigator. He said that is why he doesn't even deal with exmark anymore. He did tell me how ever that they are doing so major butt kissing and if i wanted a navigator i could probably get it at it's cheapest right now!
  9. loupiscopolandscaping

    loupiscopolandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    4k off the dingo? thats a deal!
  10. JShe8918

    JShe8918 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know. It seems that i must have made myself sound desperate for a mower and only interested in the dingo. Maybe i should have done it the other way around. If i had maybe it would have been a grand or so off the mower and book price of the dingo. The dingo was 24,xxx and he was quoted me like $20,2xx. On the quote it says msrp-extension-price 24,xxx-20,2xx-20,2xx. ARGH! Well maybe when tax time rolls around i will get some back this year and that will compensate for the difference of what i was thinking to what he is selling for. If that makes any sense. LoL

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