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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mcambrose, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Are the right and left deck gearbox housings the same for for a Walker GHS deck? I know there is a difference in the horizontal shaft because the vertical pinion gear is on a different sides for the LH and RH gearbox, but is the housing the same (they look alike to my untrained eye). A gearbox got busted when the mower hit an object. I disassembled the gearbox and the parts were all still good, so I tried to put them into an old deck gearbox housing that I had left from another mishap (not sure if it was from RH or LH gearbox). I couldn't get side pinion gear down far enough to install the horizontal shaft. It was either because it was the wrong handed gearbox and there was different spacing or I just had the vertical shaft (one the blade attaches to) sticking up too far. Based on the relative position of the bearings and the snap rings, it didn't look like I had shaft sticking out too far.

  2. mcambrose

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    I looked at the gearbox fresh this morning and noticed that the side bearing wasn't pushed in far enough, so that was preventing the gear from going down far enough. Yes the gearboxes are the same. Thanks for any who viewed my question.
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    I hope you left the connecting tube loose until you remounted the boxes to the deck. If you tighten the tubes before you remount them on the deck you can break the box mounting wings off. Use BLUE lock-tite on the bolts the hold the tubes to the boxes and remember the time the blades 90* out of phase. The left and right boxes are the same. Now if you get the middle box on back-wards or upside down and yes you can put it upside down on some decks, the blade will turn the wrong way. Be careful when tightening the tubes to the boxes because the bolt will strip out real easy. Use new gaskets on the tubes. Fill the boxes to half way of the shaft with 90W gear oil. If taking boxes from one deck and using on a other deck be sure to take the box apart and count the teeth on the gears or one blade will turn faster than the other and the blades will hit. If you have problems you can IM me for more help.

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