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Walker deck size.


LawnSite Silver Member
Ontario, Canada
For the lawns I cut a 42" would be all I would put on it. If you cut often it might handle a 48" but make sure to keep the engine clean to prevent overheating. I have a 20 hp with a 48" sometimes I wish it had more hp. I also have the little Kubota diesel but I have never cut grass with it.

[Edited by cantoo on 12-20-2000 at 03:55 AM]


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
I agree with Cantoo and wouldn't go higher than a 42. The question I have for you is, Do you have a 16 already or are you thinking of purchasing one?

If I can suggest the 20 as the minimum for commercial mowing for a few reasons, more hp is more efficient and can run more attatchments. The 20 can have a speed up kit attatched. The 20 is the minimum. If you can swing the 26EFI you wont believe the difference and you can run anything that Walker sells. I run a 26EFI with a 42" deck and it pulls sap out of the tree roots;) If you need more info - e mail me. Good Luck