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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ax Man, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. Ax Man

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    I was wondering how the kubota diesel is on walker? I have the 25 gas and can't imagine going with less hp.
    How do they do with larger decks, and heavy mowing?
  2. Ax Man

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  3. MOW ED

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    I don't have a kubota diesel in the Walker but I have a 26EFI and it replaced the 25 Walker I had. The 26 has much more power and is more responsive than the 25 in all conditions. The 26 has more torque than the diesel at lower r's. It will turn any and all of Walkers add ons as will the diesel.

    * High Performance Kohler CH26 Electronic Fuel Injection Engine is optional, 725CC (44 cu. in.) displacement, 26-HP @ 3600 RPM, Max Torque = 41.6 ft-lbs @ 2200 RPM

    diesel is 34 @ 2600

    The diesel also is 20.9 hp at 3600'rpms and is a 44cu in engine.

    The diesel will run cooler and last longer overall and that is its great advantage not to mention using less fuel but my 26 uses less fuel than the 25 did.
    Cost difference for me up here is about 3000.00 to get the diesel.

    The one thing I really dont like in the Walkers lc mowers is that the radiator screens need attention. They do have a reversing fan now but the thing still needs cleaning in dusty and thatching or leaf cleaning conditions.

    Good Luck in your decision. Its a great mower for my biz.
  4. theplantdoctor

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    IMHO it is the BEST combination. I love the diesels and would not go to gas. I was tempted by the 26EFI, but the dealer mechanics didn't seem to be too knowledgeable about them. They are also a Kubota dealer, so they know the engines inside out.

    Don't let the numbers fool you. Those engines may list smaller HP, but they pull like a freight train. Personally, I think that it has MORE power than the 25. The mechanics feel they are underrated.

    Yes the rad does need attention, but, the machine should receive an overall "checkup" each day anyway. We watch it all day and don't let any buildup get on the screen. At the end of the day, I'll take the screen off and blow out the rad from the inside. A little more maintenance, maybe, but overall I think it's a great choice.

    Heavy mowing-- it won't bog down.

    It will take all of the decks Walker offers.

    For the type of work we do they are great machines. The push mower has pretty much become a decoration on the trailer. I've got an operator that can put a Walker places that I would not have thought possible.


  5. Ax Man

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    Thanks guys! Iv'e got the 25, finiky piece of $#*& motor if you ask me.
    The dealer and distributer were pushing me toward the diesel. but I was afraid it would be underpowered.
  6. PerfectCut

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    I have been running Kubota diesels in Grasshoppers for years, and as far as I am concerned and seen its on of the best engines out there. Great on fuel, don't break down, good power. Keep in mind if demoing a new one they take about 50-100 hours to break in at full power. There is just no comparison to a full cast iron 3 cyl engine VS. a aluminum block cast sleave 2 cyl engine.
    The Kubota Gas engine is really sweet also.
  7. TLS

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    If your worried about power, and your have the Kubota 25 gas now (or Kohler 25 Gas??? which one?), either way,DO NOT go with the 20.9 Diesel!

    MOW ED put the numbers on the plate! With only 34 ft/lbs of Torque, you will not be happy. That diesel may be the most fuel efficient engine they have, but it certainly isn't the most powerfull.

    Go with the 26 EFI, if your worried about power.
  8. olfrt

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    I have been using a 16.5 diesel kubota powered walker. Got it in 1993 it has over 4000 hours on it and it has plenty of power. I regular run a 52 side discharge deck in Fla. without a hitch. It will cut high grass without porblem
  9. theplantdoctor

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    The 16.5 has never dissappointed me yet. The 20.9 feels like 30.


  10. theplantdoctor

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    The numbers on paper don't mean a thing! Yes the 26efi is powerful-but so is the diesel. The head mechanic at the dealership insists that the Kubota is underrated. Says in the Kubota line, it is 28 hp.

    BTW--Who needs all this power? If you are trying to cut overgrown fields with the machine--maybe. People seem to think they always need more power. Dealers are always happy to sell you more than you actually need. For the regular cutting that we all do, I fail to see where all the "extra" power is needed. Now if you usually use 60" to 72" decks and cut properties on an irregular basis, I will agree that you can use all the power you can get. We have encountered 10-12" of wet grass in the spring, and the diesel Walkers, with 48" GHS decks got through it in one pass and left a beautiful job. Now common sense must prevail--you don't try to cut 48" of that kind of grass (at full speed).

    Anyway-------Am I biased--probably. I'll take longevity and fuel economy over "hi-tech" any day. The Kubota is proven - the 26efi (and I do like it) is not. It simply has not been in the field long enough to rate "proven". While it does seem to be a winner, only time will tell. Diagnostics and getting parts has been spotty at best.

    At the end of the day-- this is just my 2 cents.

    :) :)


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