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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mcambrose, Dec 22, 2006.

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    I have a 1999 Walker with gearbox trouble on the right hand wheel. I was changing the fluid today and when I pulled the plug I found parts to the needle bearing. If the needle bearing has gone out, does that mean the gearbox is unfixable? I was guessing that it would have wallered out the side of the gearbox some where the needle bearing resides. Of course if the bearing failed recently, it may not be too bad. If it is definitely not fixable then I will see about a replacement gearbox. If it may be fixable, what would have to be done. For example, if the needle bearing is partially wallered out can I have it filled in and re-drilled by a machinist or is it best to buy a new unit? Thanks for any help.

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    open it up and find out
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    probably a teucumseh gear box. I bought one new for $200. May cause more costly downtime if not replaced.
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    Walker builds thier own final drives. You still need to open it up. After you do that then post back with your findings.
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    hello, u will need to strip and rebuild reduction boxes [ground drive units]
    1/check serial no to find out if yours have the upgraded cluster gear with the thrust washers
    2/ if you have the earlier units either upgrade cluster [highly recomended] or u can just replace all bearings seals and gaskets with the addition of thrust washers which your machine shop can manufacture 4 u to suit ,also replace gear shaft at the same time .

    3/the story with the gear axles is the ealier units had no thrust washers [this allows cluster to float back and forth wearing on the housing ]

    4/the cluster gear was upgraded to allow the needle rollers to have a seperating cage ,this required a bigger bearing and therefore a different cluster gear.

    5/ the reason 4 the above was apparently the needle bearings without the internal cage were moving around .This caused the cluster to start to lock up [heavily loaded] as a result of the needles being out of alignment. At the end of the day it was suspected this was causing the hydro/s to over work and wear out prematurely.

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    Around $ 640.00 for a new one, plus labor.

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