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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Walker2, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Walker2

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    Were buying our first commercial zero-turn and I was wondering which was best. We have many different yards some tall, some manicured, and some in between. If we bought a exmark it would be the zhp but which walker would be the best? I like the t series walker but would the s series hold up with the 13 hp engine?

  2. CutApproved

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    I'm not too familiar with the walker but I love exmark.
    Personally if I bought a Walker I'd buy it with the 9bushel hopper. BUT then again the exmark has the navigator which is "supposed" to be better than the walker.

    A buddy of mine has had both and he likes the Exmark collection system better.

    Seems to me your not comparing apples to apples
  3. 2stroke

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    i would not buy a Walker, or any other commertial mowre with anything less than a 20 horse motor.
  4. iseegreen

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    I run a walker GHS and love it. 36 in deck, 20 hp. I would not go any smaller than 20hp either. The Ex-mark Navigator looks nice and I'm sure it will do just fine but it should not be compared to the walker. For me i need the 36in deck to get through Gates and tight spaces and ex mark does not even offer the 36. I have sat on the Navigator and it seems much bigger and more bulky. I don't like how the lever to engage the blades is on the left either. I've talked to a local here who runs about 8 Ex mark Navigators and he said the reason they went from walker to exmark is cause they were cheaper. Even he admits that walker is far superior and all around a better more reliable machine. Check them both out and see what fits you and your business best.
  5. shade tree landscaping

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    Walker model C, its 20hp, 42in deck, has the big blower (10.5), the big hopper, has enough power to take care of almost anything. the smaller one with the 13hp engine has the small hopper, and small blower and is even advertised as a very high end homeowner unit, not commericial mower.
  6. Walker2

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    Thank yall. I found a great looking 13 hp with 42 hours for alittle over $4k. It is abit different looking at $7,900 new and barely used is $4200. I am uunsure as of yet this mower will be used mainly to pick up leaves after the exmark mulches. I demo'd the LZHP today with the triton, a great mower I beleive.
  7. Walker2

    Walker2 LawnSite Member
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    I also found a t series walker with 900 hrs for $4900 power dump & headlights not horrible looking either but dont know the year model....which one?
  8. edward hedrick

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    Walker2. I have a 2001 Walker. Mine has an oval muffler,

    newer ones have a round cannister. My front castors are bushings. Newer ones have bearings and a cap on the castor. Check the shaft is it square or splined. I have mechanical hour meter, newer is electronic. The 2001

    does not have guards on the back door gas cylinders.

    Call Walker with serial # they can tell you. Ed

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