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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tonym10, Nov 17, 2002.

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    I am looking at a used Walker , 16 hp. , 42", 100 hours.I will only be using it for my own house , I have about 40,000 sq ft to cut.Will the Walker easily cut around trees and things or do they not zero turn as well because the mower being out front?I have about 20 trees to cut around and about 10 landscaped areas to cut around, I have wooods behind my house , making dumping the clippings easy.I was origanlly thinking about a midmount ztr but the smaller size of the Walker (width wise) and the fall and spring clean up of leaves makes me feel the Walker the way to go?So my big question here is about the turning ability of the Walker compared to a midmount Ztr.
    Thank you
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    My Walker is the best overall mower I own.

    It's not the fastest, but the quality of cut is EXCEPTIONAL. I can zero turn, but I really feel that zero turning capability is overated and not put to use as often as the "industry manufacturers" would have us think. I use the zero turn capability of all my mowers for maybe 30% of the turns I make. The walker you're looking at will be plenty for homeowner use, and the fall and spring bagging capability is next to none. It will have no problem tracking around your trees and flower beds. In fact it's compact "footprint" will oft times get you in places a ZTR will not go. There is less trimming due to the out front deck design, in other words you can 100% see the deck and this allows you to cut more of the grass with the mower. Since you have a site to dump the clippings you will have no worries with the Walker. Go for it.

    You'll get alot of opinions here, but I say if you can afford the Walker, you'll love it when you get it. I currently run and own a Toro 52" Z-Master ZTR, Toro 44" Gear Walk Behind, Toro 36" Hydro Walk Behind and the Walker 48" 26hp EFI Kohler with the 9.5 bushel hopper. The Walker is an excellent machine. I'm in the marker for another one as we speak.
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    The Wa;ler you're looking at would be great for you. They are wonderful mowers and in my opinion the best cutting mower out there.

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