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Walker Gear Box Change ?


LawnSite Senior Member
Northwest Ohio
Any of you ever changed gear boxes on the deck? If so, is it a hard job or is it a pretty easy task? Thanks for your input.


LawnSite Senior Member
Columbus Ga
Been their done that not a bad job but can be messy if your not prepared.
1. get you a large pan to drain out the grease
2. drop your blades
3 remove the cover over the boxes
4.remove the 4 bolts holding the box assy. to the deck
5. pop a cover off and drain
6 turn the box on its side and unbolts the 5 bolts holding the shaft housing to the box .
7. whtatch out for the spline bushing theirs two on each shaft. in stall new box and do everything in reverse and new grease and make some money.
first time it should take about 1-1.5 hrs until you get good at it.
don't even have to remove the deck the pto just slides back into place. it is also a good idea to open the other boxes to check for metal shavings after all you drain the grease out already.good luck i hope this helps

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