Walker gear oil LEAK

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BravoMow, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. BravoMow

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    Walker MTGHS 48 in 125 hrs. 07 model 23hp. A bolt fell out from under the deck that held on the gearbox. I moved the gear box quite a bit struggling to get it back in. i got it in... and oil was everywhere! gear oil was just spilling out! I immediately bought new seals and discovered the old ones were basically gone by rotting?/torn up?/missing? It was unusal to find half a seal, and then a deteriorated one and one was missing. So i replaced them. It STILL leaks.:confused: I have put approximately 15 fl oz of gear oil in them total(between the three). Why is it leaking still? (it is the connection between the longer shaft and the RIGHT blade gearbox.
  2. Edgewater

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    I don't really follow what you are saying, but there are a few things to look for.

    1) don't fill more than enough to just cover the gears in the box. Heat will cause pressure and blow the seals if the GB is over full.

    2) If a bolt came out while the machine was cutting, it could have cracked and or wrapped the box depending whether you have the Aluminum or Cast Iron gear boxes. Inspect them for cracks, and good seal surfaces.

    Mine was vibrating out one of the bolts that held the casing for the shaft that connect the "T" box to one of the outer ones. I have to pull it apart, re-seal and re-torque everything to permanently solve the problem.
  3. khouse

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    I have not had a Walker gear reduction apart. This is due to it almost being indestructible. I'm not sure if the threads are in a blind hole or not? The bolts may extend into the gearbox cavity? This would require a sealant on the bolt threads.
  4. pconley

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    I think you should take it back to dealer and let them take care of it. It should be covered under warranty, and if you were outside of a year but with that few hours we would honor warranty in my shop. If you have to make an issue of it I would think your dealer would also.
  5. BravoMow

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    well, i live in texas and the original dealer of THIS machine is in topeka Kansas.... the one year warranty on the mower itself is out. the engine has another year... but thats no help. i suppose i will take it to my local dealer and see what i can work out. I bought this mower running great, and now i am slowly discovering small things this guy had to fix. (he completely replaced a gearbox, had no shearbolts in the blades, i pulled half of a broken shear pin out of PTO, and now an oil leak... great). i appreciate the help. i will see what i can do with my dealer.

    and what do you all think about needing a sealant on the bolts... sounds very plausible because the oil seemed to come out near the bolts... comments???
  6. pconley

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    When you reassembly the axel tubes between gearboxes everything needs to be clean, new gaskets and we use lock tite on bolts. You should not need gasket cement. If you had not noticed the assembly was loose and were using it there is a chance a crack developed between a axel tube bolt and top cover bolt. Give it a close inspection. Good Luck
  7. mcambrose

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    The last post is exactly on track. I just did a repair on one about a week ago. I washed everything with kerosene and blew it out good and then sprayed with carb cleaner to dry the kerosene out the threads. I put bolt sealant on and let it sit overnight. Make sure you have the gearboxes off the deck when you repair. If they are bolted up you can crack them trying to pull them together.
  8. ed2hess

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    I hit a large piece of steel a few months back and cracked two gear boxes....middle one and side one. Small hairline cracks going out from the threaded holes and they are hard to see but leak a lot of oil. I hope that isn't your problem but this is a huge problem with Walker units that don't have the new hardened drive system.
  9. BravoMow

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    i replaced the seals and it kept leaking. i got a hint that the end of the shafts must be perfectly clean where the seal goes, and so i opened it back up for inspection. i hadn't thought that the remainder of a fourth of an old seal would be screwing me up.. but it was! i cleaned it back off, hooked it all back up, and mowed a couple yards today
    Thanks Guys!!!!

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