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Sorry to just talk to Walker owners but how do you get the clippings out of your catcher into your truck? I have a ramp system from my trailer into my pickup bed and I would like to know how you do it?

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&gt;how do you get the clippings out of your catcher into your truck?<p>There are two handles on the side of the box that you use to lift up..... :)<p>I mulch most of my yards so am not bothered by dumping. When I do have to dump, I have a side ramp on my trailor and just dump in the back of trailor. I have swing open gates on the back to facilitate dumping at the green waste lot. I also have the nylon bag made by Walker to dump in, but don't use it very often. Can get kind of heavy with 7 bul of wet grass in it.<p>Don't think I'd trust the high lift dump though, is expensive and if it should fall over could cause some serious damage. Just my opinion. I have been thinking of getting the electric dumping mechcanism though. Might save a little time.<br><p>----------<br>Jim.....from Fouke, Arkansas (Home of the Boggy Creek Monster)<br>


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I can dump at most of my customers places, but for the ones I can't I have enough room on my trailer to dump quite a bit of grass into. I put all my tools in the back of the truck for this day. I can then dump the clippings at other job sites. I use the clippings for ground cover in forest trails people actually ask me for them.


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I am fortunate to have a talented brother that fabricated a hydraulic system that lowers from either side of my truck. I dump the clippings in a bin that when hydraulically lifted back in place becomes the sideboard to the truck bed. When I get to the feed lot the whole bed becomes a dump bed. It is a great system. for awhile there I was tearing my back and arms up with all the scooping and lifting. This year...no arm or back troubles and no trash bags!

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We only use our GHS system during the spring and fall(leaves and spring cleanup)We have a trailer like you that we can drive into the back of our truck this was all right,but unloading by hand took alot of time and was a pain in the but!<p>This year we found a great way to collect our clippings.We cut a lawn for a guy who is in the feed mill business.He added vitamens to the feeds.The vitamens were shipped in large bags(where not talking about glad bags)these bag are can hold one and a half tons of weight.They can hold 3 walker dumps(7 bushel size walker tank).The reason we love using these bags is that they are brought to the walker when it is full that means that the walker is not going back and forth to the truck(that can keep the walker going constantly)When we are done the property we pull all the bags back with the walker and then drag the bags up the trailer and into the truck.<p>When you dump the clippings in these bags you save alot of time.One bag with three dumps in it take tops 10 seconds to dump that is alot faster than shoveling it out of the back of your truck.Also when you are driving around all the clipping are not blowing all over the place.We unload in 1/3 the time it would take to shovel it out.And the biggest plus about this system is just how much we can fit on our truck.With the clippings in bag in our truck we can stack much more than before.<p>If you still think that this is not a fast system than listen to this!We use a f 150 and a smaller trailer(only a walker and a push mower can fit on it and it can only hold a 48'' mower any thing bigger would be to wide to get on the tralier)we had a two acre property with many huge trees on it.When we were done we had 504 bushels of leaves on our f150 and small trailer.That's 24 bags three dumps in each bag.That's 72 walker dumps on our truck and trailer with out the bags that would be impossible!An other plus is when the truck is full one guy goes and dumps the leaves while the other guy continues to collect leaves with the walker an put the clippings in extra bags that you leave with him.That means the machinery is never siting around doing nothing while your paying your men to shovel out tons of grass or leaves! <br> <br>If anyone has any questions about my system just ask!<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

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