Walker ghs vs exmark navigator

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by grassmasterswilson, Oct 2, 2013.

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    I have a navigator. one major complaint is there no other decks being made besides the GHD. they really could have a side discharge and a mulch deck. the least would be a side discharge. belts suck to change. the idler pullers for the hydros only last 500 hours at most. easy fix. don't forget to grind a 1/4'' off each pully before installing other wise it hit the bolts holding the engine screen on making a loud noise for a few hours.
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    I'm looking at the new/ 2014 Nav's myself they seem to have addressed many of the concerns I see here. The gas tank now swings open to get easy access to the belts. Seems like they have only been around for 6-8 years so they are behind Walkers in population.

    I'm just so sick of the numerous ticky tack sensor problems with the walker and the cost of parts 1200 for a catcher, 400 blower, I have had that steel rim replaced in less than 1,000 hours on both of my machines. The Nav's have much thicker steel, bigger blower & shute, This years has an adjustment so you can partially mulch & catch by adjusting some plates on the deck. Like 60% catch & 40% mulch. The deeper deck & faster blade tip speed chops the grass smaller allowing it to pack more in the catcher. They also tell me that only about 1 hp drives the wheels the rest of the power is dedicated to blades & Blower while with the Walker the faster you go it robs power from the blades & blower so your blade tip speed actually slows down.

    I'm not mechanically inclined I'm just parroting my sales guys pitch & seeing what the more educated guys here have to say about it.

    After scalp & over seed season both of my Walkers are down 1 needs a starter, the other has about 2-K of repairs to get it functioning again & that's after many hours of redneck engineering to repair the catcher. It looks like Frankenwalker. Not really the image I'm trying to promote.

    If anyone has a suggestion for non dealer priced Walker parts I would welcome a referral.
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    I currently run both. I bought 2 new 2012 efi Navigators and bought a 2010 walker efi a few month later. Both are very good machines and have pros and cons. In my opinion the controls on the walker are slightly more precise and i prefer it on small intricate lawns, the navi's blade speed and ground speed are nice on slightly bigger lawns. Everything on the navigator is built heavier but after 1000 hrs on each ive had no problems with either. Walker has more grease points but belts are easier to change. Wet grass performance is similar. I like he swing out gas tank on navi for cleaning and access and also the no flat tail tire and deck tires, but those are available for walker also. I really think a person has to try each and decide. Wife prefers the walker, my daughters prefer the navigators and I like both
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    If you do not install the walker fuel tank bolts it will just lift out to clean. It can`t come out if you don`t want it out. TONS and TONS of parts avail. for walkers.......look at E-Bay..............

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