Walker GHS vs Scag Cougar Comparison


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Anyone care to compare these two machines? Similar basic design but Scag appears to bit like a brick outhouse. Is it an 'improved' Walker, or just a heavier, more expensive one?


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Southern, Maine
Scag tried this design to compete with Walker most were recalled for many problems spindles, frames cracking and gearbox problems. But they did have a neat option of rear discharging, I belive they were called Turf Tracer, then Scag came out with the Cougar a newer replacement for the tracer, we demod one a year ago but no comparison to the Walker but I will tell you that that Scag Tiger is a AWSOME machine along with there Walk-Behinds unfortunate that they are behind a bit on the outfronts, Mabey in a few years they will be there. Those of you that have the Tigers and WalkBehinds have some nice mowers.


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I tried the scag couger against the walker their is no comparison the walker was better in every way. the 3. things i thought was really bad about the couger was it was just way to big to do small residental yards.it would also scalp places that the walker would mow perfect.The couger would get in a bind and not be able to back on to my trailer,i would have to jack the nose up on my trailer just to be able to back on it,the walker would back on it with no problems.


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you should try the hustler shortcut it does a good job
of vacuuming, and does the best job I have ever seen
shredding leaves is the fall with the 48 in rear
discharge deck, it cost me 8000 with a bagger,extra
blades/belts, 54 in side discharge deck.
had a couple little problems but it works great
and mulches leaves at full speed good