Walker how do you like yours?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by diagnostech, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. diagnostech

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    How do you like your walker?
    How many have you had?
    And how long?
    Thanks, I'd like more insite before buying.
  2. Jason Rose

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    Hopefully this thread will get moved to the proper forum...

    As for Walkers, you either love them or hate them. If you are used to running midmount Z mowers the Walker takes some getting used too. They have their place in the lawn industry for sure. For "high end" lawns that need bagged every week you won't find much better. Granted you can go other routes and be faster, but the Walker will excell on smaller lawns.

    Iv'e had 2 walkers now. Started with a 48" GHS, but it really didn't suit me at the time. It was slow for me and that didn't help me out any. I was trying to replace a faster mid-mount with it and that's hard to do on every lawn. I ended up selling it, though now I really need it back! Currently I have a 36" small Walker for doing backyards and small lawns with. I love it! There's nothing else that could do what it does with as little work as it does.
  3. shade tree landscaping

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    I have a Walker model B that I love. Its got the mulching deck insted of the GHS but still cuts great! Im actually in the process of trying to sell it, need a bigger deck mower for my larger properties. If you mite be interested PM me
  4. RedMax Man

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    I bought my Walker used late last fall so i've only had for a few cleanups and this past spring and now summer. It's my first Walker. 48" GHS 9 bushel catcher. 20hp Kohler. Perfect mower for intricate and highly landscaped properties in decent to high end neighborhoods. Greaty reduces the amount of trimming and edging since you can get into tiny areas that are hard to access with a Z or WB. Awesome machine for leaf and debris cleanups, works like a vacuum with a shredder. No side discharg is good or the high end lawns.

    Downsides are it doesn't go very well on slopes, small ones are fine but once they get steep the drive wheel start spinning. Slow for the wide open large properties.

    Maintenance isn't bad although there are alot of parts and belts so it costs a little more to run since its so compact with many small parts in the engine area. All belts can be changed without tools and the dack flips up with 2 lever witch makes the blades very easy two change. Has many other features not found on other mower like alarms, gauges and options.

    I'd reccomend a 26hp. MT unit.

    The Walker is very popular in my area, most LCO's have at least 1 of them and are used for there main machine. However it has its specific uses and is good at only those, using it for all types of mowing conditions won't work well.
  5. CurbAppealCounts

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    I have 9 walk behind mowers. 7 Bobcat 1 Lesco and 1 Walker. I am seriously thinking about selling a couple of the Bobcats(they are rather old) and buying 2 more Walkers. The one I have is the best in the fleet.

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