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walker hydro repair


LawnSite Member
mid coast,Maine
The left hydro on my 91 model mc has a loose input shaft (the belt pulley moves up and down) . It still goes fine and doesn't leak . Anyone had this problem? Is it a simple fix ? Can I fix it? thanks , brad


LawnSite Senior Member
Columbus Ga
That can't be good ......make sure its the shaft not the pulley... if the shaft is lose its probally a bearing or bushings.....eaton sells a rebuild kit but not if the allum..housing is hollowed out that is the same shaft that drives the gear box ...check some local fork lift shops or hdylic shops and see if anyone is brave enough to go into it ....i have yet to need to but as soon has one of mine gose out i'll install my spare and start checking out the guts.....here is a link to the manufacture.check it out there is a brake down of this unit on line good luck...