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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fbcoop, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. fbcoop

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    I have problem with an older Walker. When it'scold or cooled off they drive system works fine but as soon as it gets hot the drive force bogs down and is very sluggish. Dealer says it's the hydro's but it's unusual for two to go at the same time and I'm reluctant to change them only to fond out is was another drive component. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  2. themowerman

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    I don't know what hydro pumps are used in the walkers but your dealer should be able to do a flow meter test and determine which hydro pump it is or if it is the wheel motors. A flow meter will take the guess out of diagnosing your machine. I don't know how the walkers are plumbed but if the right and left hydros aren not isolated systems it is quite possible to take out both pumps if there is contamination due to a catastophic pump failure. If one pump eats itself it can pass the metal to the other pump and wheel motors. The filter should catch most of it though.
  3. grillonz

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    You could try changing the hydro oil. Walkers are known to have hydro problems when running big decks. The problem is that they get to hot & cook themselves.
    Happy mowing
  4. ducky1

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    I agree with grillonz about the oil change. Also you might change the belts before we get carried away changing the hydros out. Also need to check the springs that keep the belts tight.
  5. shopbytch

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    Try the oil change and check the gear oil in the wheel boxes, because when a hydro goes, it won't move anything at any temperature.
  6. NJemerald

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    fbcoop... any luck with the Hydro's???

    I've found in the past (with the situation your describing of BOTH slipping) that there may be another explaination...
    The ONE other thing I would check BEFORE replacing the Hydros IS...
    The pulleys on the hydros... Are they the older single large "V" belt or the newer "Micro V belt (better gripping) definite UPgrade IF NOT the micro!
    Also are the very bottoms of the pulleys shiny, bare metal? This means the pulleys are worn out and THAT WILL cause BOTH your Hydros to give you a slipping feeling.

    The Hydros are each isolated, so metal can not contaminate both units!

    If this is not the case... Unfortunately it's probably time for Hydro replacements.

    I've had excellent luck with Hydros since changing the oil EVERY winter!!!

    Good Luck ... Keep us posted
  7. fbcoop

    fbcoop LawnSite Member
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    Thanks very much for the advice. This Sunday the work begins. I have replaced the pulleys and the belts and the spring. I have an older hydro for the right side that I may swap out to see if there is a difference. I'll let you know what happens.

    Thanks again,

  8. mmlm

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    I bought a used walker that I think is about a 1996 model with a newer Kohler 20hp, I have used it all summer and now I'm not sure if one of the Hydro Pumps has gone bad. The right control lever does'nt want to work or turn the right wheel. When I try backing in onto my trailer I can hardly get it to go up the ramp backards and also when mowing it does'nt want to control with the right control lever. Also I have noticed that one of the hydro fans has the blades worn down to nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I dnot have $500 to buy a new pump. Thanks
  9. ed2hess

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    As pointed out above be sure the hydro belt is good and pulleys are tight on the hydro. Also be sure that that damper device is sliding properly to allow the lever to work. It is a pin in a slot device and I had one bind up and uint wouldn't want to go forward occasionally. However, since it won't back up the ramp that is bad.....try draining and refill hydro.
  10. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
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    hello, if any of the fan blades are either cracking or missing this causes overheating of the hydro """ instantly """.
    Change hydro oil every year with mobil 1 15--50 oil .
    Check linkages 4 wear and tear and rectify .Worn components can cause poor hydro performance.

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