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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Ric, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. Ric

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    The Right hand hydrostat on my 1999 Walker 25 GHS is shot. My dealer wants $550.00+ for a new one. That is on the counter not installed. I can install it myself. I feel this is over priced and I know someone at lawnsite knows were I can purchase one at a reasonable price. Thanks for your help.

    P.S. I do not want a rebult one.
  2. gene gls

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    Try this number, 1-800-525-8148.

  3. Ric

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    Thanks Gene I will try first thing in the morning

  4. ArboristSite

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    Does the oil inside smell terrible? If so, how many hours is on your walker? This model year, nearly all walkers were recalled due to them changing oil types in these hydos. The result was all went bad. I sold 50 walkers that year when I was a dealer. All 50 came back. See if you can get it good willed. It should never have gone out that fast. 1999 was one of the worst model years for Walker. Give a little more info. I can see if I can help.
  5. Ric

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    Thank you thank you for your reply. I have had Walkers since 1989 and the 1999 is a real lemon. I told this to Bob Walker at the Orlando Show and he just poo-pooed me. It has never handled very well. even with the big tires. My old 16 are long gone now (home owers still using them). My old 20 mulchers work great now on their 2nd and 3rd engines respectively. Unforturely one of my employees put the 1999 GHS 25 in a salt water canal about a year an a half ago. I fished it out and rebuilt it, new engine and electric, etc. The local dealer is also the distribor for Fla. I am on the 4th 25 engine ( one went in the drink 150hrs total time ). First engine was replaced by the dealer at 100 hrs. 3rd engine was replaced by the dealer on the second 100 hr mark. Now on the 4th engine with total time just under 400 hrs. This is my back-up machine I leave the GHS deck on it and only use to spread fertilizer with electric spreader and verti cutting. Between buying it and rebuilting it I have about $16,000 in it. So it is not a cheap back-up mower. Any help you can give me would be greatly aprecated. But I think I am S.O.L. cause the dealer knows it went in the canal.


    P.S. Your reply re-asures me that I am not crazy.

    sorry about my spelling
  6. captdevo

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    here's the bulletins i found.........

    JANUARY 10, 2000

    SUBJECT: Hydrostatic Transmission Failure Pattern


    All Models S/N 99-40585 thru 99-42712 (Eaton Manufacturing Date Code Stamped on Transmission 120198 thru 043099)


    A group of 4000 transmissions were produced with potential internal contamination which has resulted in accelerated wear and early failure. The cause of this problem has been identified as improper cleaning of an abrasive compound (aluminum oxide) off an internal part during the manufacturing process. Tests have shown a very small amount of the abrasive contaminant will destroy a transmission in only a few hours of operation (failure of a new transmission has occurred in 2-50 hours).


    Order factory remanufactured transmission P/N 5025-10 or 5026-10 for replacement under warranty. Note that remanufactured transmissions within affected date code range will have an "N" or "R" stamped behind the date code to indicate remanufacturing.


    Pull any new transmissions with the affected manufacturing date codes out of service parts stock and return to the factory for credit. NOTE: Transmissions in service are being replaced under warranty only upon failure; this is not a recall program with 100% replacement (failure rate to date appears to be considerably less than 100%).
    When transmission failure is suspected, check these symptoms:
    Tractor pulls to one side and/or transmissions are getting weak and the tractor is not pulling up hills.
    Usually occurs with low hours on tractor (less than 100 hours).
    Transmission oil is dark black, thick consistency, smells burned and metallic particles may be visible (classic overheating due to internal wear and slippage).
    With this failure pattern, frequently both transmissions are failing almost simultaneously, so both transmissions should be checked.
    Remove and replace the transmission. For transmission replacement procedure, refer to instructions attached to bulletin #9689.
    With the transmission removed, one additional item should be inspected that in a few cases has contributed to transmission failures. The needle bearings on the gear axle cluster gear may have failed and this overloads the transmission and causes premature failure. Check the cluster gear for excessive end play or lateral movement indicating failed bearings. Confirm the bearing problem by draining the axle oil. If the oil is black, smells burned and has metallic particles, replace the axle along with the transmission.

    Transmission replacement is covered under warranty as outlined in Advisory Bulletin #98104 dated 05-04-98. Axle replacement, if required, is covered by a three (3) year warranty


    ADVISORY BULLETIN #98104 MAY 4, 1998

    SUBJECT: Amendment of Eaton transmission Warranty Policy

    Our warranty states that items such as hydrostatic transmissions, engines, gearboxes, batteries, and tires are "warranted separately by their respective manufacturers. Walker does not assume any warranty obligation, liability, or modification for these items which are covered exclusively by the stated warranty of the respective manufacturers." this means that the disposition returned by the respective manufacturers to Walker Manufacturing is what will be passed on to the customer.

    In the case of hydrostatic transmissions; Eaton's warranty states "Eaton Corporation (Eaton) warrants to the original purchaser that products sold through Eaton Hydraulics Division shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for thirty-six (36) months from the date of manufacture by Eaton." On warranty claims where no obvious abuse or misuse is involved. Walker Manufacturing has taken the following position for customer goodwill (regardless of Eaton's coverage):

    (1) For the first 1000 hours (within 3 years) of use, Walker manufacturing will cover the hydrostat in full.

    (2) After 1000 hours of use and up to 3000 hours or three (3) years, Walker Manufacturing will pro rate the coverage based on 3000 hours life of the hydrostat.

    Since Walker is providing an "umbrella" coverage on the transmission warranty, dealers will know the exact amount of warranty reimbursement that will be provided at the time of repair (not waiting for Eaton's disposition as in the past). On March 30, 1993, Walker manufacturing issued Advisory Bulletin #9353, Warranty Policy for Eaton Hydrostatic Transmissions. Included in that bulletin is a list of 5 conditions for denying warranty. Dealers and distributors should be aware these conditions are still the basis for disallowing the customer goodwill coverage from Walker.

    Good luck!!
  7. ArboristSite

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    You also should have your gear drive axle replaced. It also wears out the hydo prematurely. They should good will them just like the hydo. Captdevo, good find. It shows I wasnt talking out my A##. Where did you find the info online at?
  8. Ric

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    Darin Gene & Dave

    I owe you guys and your wifes dinner. But you will have to come to S.W. Fla. to collect. Since you all live in the frozen north land, I might just have to buy dinner sometime real soon. I have printed your posts and will be seeing my dealer real soon. wish me luck.

    Darin, I checked out arborsite and I will be a regular. Thanks again everyone for all the help. My website is www.yardoc.com I wrote it real quick and have many mistakes that I have not had time to correct yet. I hope to work on it this winter. check it out.

  9. ArboristSite

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    Thanks, let us know how it goes. Remember, dont let them try to pass the buck.
  10. Max

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    Who is your dealer??? Retail is $527.00 for a hydro. Hydros and final drives have a three year warranty. Don't just replace the hydro, there is a cluster gear kit 6207-16 that is taking out the hydro if the s/n of your machine is between 38000/47000. Good luck!

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