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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by JJ Lawn, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. JJ Lawn

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    Does anyone know of a OEM or other pump to replace the one in the Walker 26hp EFI?

    Some one once told me that this is the same pump that is used in some automobiles. I have since forgotten what I was told as I had no need for one then.

    I hate having to pay Walker prices... if I can get the same thing for half price or less. :)
  2. fixer67

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    Are you sure the problem is with the pump? Are you getting power to the pump? Just sold a fuel pump for a 26 EFI to a man and he brought it back saying it was no good. It turned out the be the fuel pump relay and fuel pump fuse. On the metal cased ECU units these are under the front body half hiding below the ECU. Can not remember just off hand where they are on the plastic ECU units. For pumps in the tank==Check for power at the pump leads where they go in the tank. Now these pumps run at 35 PSI so just any pump will not do. Unscrew the big black nut that holds the pump assembly in the tank and look at it. Is the hose intact? There is a black high pressure hose about 4 inches long that runs from the pump to the pressure regulator. They have a hibit of going back and the pump just moves fuel around the tank and not much of any thing else. Is the pressure regulator working right? For pumps outside the tank check the power at the pump leads and check the pressure regulator , it is a square bolx looking thing see if it is venting fuel back to the tank? How about fuel filters? Remember to use ONLY fuel filters with METAL casing because plastic filter will bust under that pressure.Have you checked the fuel pressure at the fuel rail on top of the motor?. I have also heard of this same pump being used in a car but can not rememeber which one. Just remove the pump and take it to the auto parts store and ask them is all else fails. Good luck

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