Walker Kubota Diesel overheating

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mikes landscaping, May 7, 2010.

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    i just had the walker serviced and the fixed a problem with the battery not charging. they also changed the ceramic resistor for the fan and a relay. Prior to me taking the machine in, the fan and what not worked to my knowledge. i never had any issue with the machine overheating. i picked it up this morning and ran it for about two hours when the water ligth temp gauge went off. it hit 200 degrees right as i shut it down. it has plenty of antifreeze and what not, but i dont think the fan is kicking on. any ideas? should i go back to the dealer and tell them its thier fault? i probably have 25hrs on the machine prior to this with no over heating issue also. the machine is a 1999 walker kubota with around 2300hrs. any input is appreciated as i have a full day of cutting tommorow. thanks
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    Don't feel bad...mine blew up yesterday, the rad did at least. Blew the cap receiver right off the top tank and covered me in HOT 50/50. No warning other than the machine began to slow down and I noticed smoke/steam? coming out from behind my left elbow. Stopped the machine and shut it down, lifted the hopper to see what was burning and POW, she blew.

    Its a MDDGHS with the 20.9hp diesel Kubota engine. 279.4 hours. Pulled the rad and took it to the shop, the boys soldered the cap receiver back on but the leak down showed the whole rear end of the core was leaking at the tank. Garbage. New core being fabricated today should have it tomorrow. Maybe cutting again by late afternoon, I hope!

    Now the details. The battery was showing signs of weakening the last 2-3 times I went to start the machine, but everything seemed to work fine, however I didn't do a 'pre-start' fan check, you know, the one we all do...turn the ignition on and listen for the fan running for 2.5 minutes in low, then reverse, then forward but in high mode, all the time trying to ignore the howl of the 'low oil' warning.

    Yesterday the battery was so low it wouldn't start the machine so I boosted it with a portable, and off we went, running late no time to mess around. In about 10-15 minutes I was standing next to the machine covered in prestone. Not happy.

    Walker says its a Kubota issue, Kubota says they just supply the engine, Walker does the rest. I'm jammed. Machine is 2 years old and so out of warranty, and out of pocket 500.00+

    Changed the oil and filter and put a brand new 425 battery in this aft. Just waiting to start it up tomorrow to see if the engine is toast as well...THAT will be a big bill!!

    I am really NOT impressed with this machine, cost me 19,741.50 ( vacuum plus mulching deck ) plus 304.95 for the comfort seat and less than 300 hrs and the engine might be finished. No support. Never again.

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    When an engine overheats it's usually the thermostat or the water pump,
    assuming it has plenty of coolant and yes it helps if the fan's running,
    granted that's automotive.
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    i had the same problem last year with mine and they fan relay went on me and i replaced it and it solved the problem
  5. razor1

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    <they also changed the ceramic resistor for the fan and a relay. mikes landscaping>

    I'm guessing it's been fixed since this was over a month ago but if not...it sounds like they need to fix it.
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    Naw, it was 3 days ago...machine is at the dealers since yesterday, they are checking all the electrical components to see what is wrong, so far nothing so it may be intermittent, which is the worst possible result. I hate intermittent electrical issues! Especially ones that are supposed to turn on the fan to prevent your machine from cooking itself to death.

    The good news is the engine checks out fine, the overheat cycle it took didn't blow the head gasket and the compression is normal!

    I might get to mow in a day or two! Yea!

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