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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Southernlandscape343, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Southernlandscape343

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    I'm going to post pictures of some of the jobs that I've done and other work related stuff all together in one thread. So anyways here some of the pics. I'll continue adding more pictures as time goes on.

    Just lifted my Trailblazer

    Its alot taller than the silverado is. It's almost sad for the silverado.:laugh:

    my striping kit that I made, aluminum pipe filled with cement to add more weight and push the grass down in the direction the mower is going.

    starting to green up

    Layed down some more stripes today.



    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    lookin good
  3. JosephLawnCare

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    why did you mow that yard? and why is there one green patch?
  4. Southernlandscape343

    Southernlandscape343 LawnSite Member
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    The side yard and front yard are both Bermuda. They needed to be cut because it was greening up underneith the dormant grass. It was just to take off some of the dormant grass.. The green spot you are talking about is Fescue, which stays green all year long.
  5. 2brothersyardcare

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    good man looks good how that stripper work
  6. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    that trailblazer doesn't look lifted that much. what do you have under it lift wise
  7. MJS

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    Looks pretty good. . .

    How about some trailer/equipment pics?
  8. DoetschOutdoor

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    Are you not wanting to get a truck? You keeping the blades on that ferris sharp? The ferris mowers like that come with a rubber flap that has always layed really nice stripes on my 36" model.
  9. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Try a bigger diameter pipe, you'd be amazed at the difference. When I did my homemade striper for my 21" I used 3" PVC and filled it with concrete. Works great! Have a good season!
  10. Southernlandscape343

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    Hey, sorry that I haven't been online recently. I've been putting out fliers and what not. I'm running Z71 springs and shocks in the rear from an avalanche. Which gives me about an inch and a half of lift in the rear. I'm running a 2.5" suspension maxx coil spacer in the front. Right now I just can't afford a truck with the economy the way it is. I took some pictures yesterday of a client's yard. I removed the striping kit but it'll be going back on soon.




    And a yard from a few weeks back before it had really greened up.

    A Little goose that I saved the other day. It got caught in a chain link fence. I pulled him out after being attacked twice by his mother. It looks like Im missing a finger but I'm not. This was before I got a major hair cut.

    A few weeks back there was a tornado that touched down in woodstock. I woke up early that morning after a long night of keeping an eye on the radar. I left about 6 am and got there just as the sun came up. I was the first company out there to help clear the roads. I didn't get any paying jobs but I did clear a few trees out of the road for some folks. The big tree companies rolled in around 10 and got all the buisness.


    [​IMG] Tornado picked up a trampoline and dropped it about 50 feet high in a tree.

    Tornado blew out the back of the house and ripped the ceiling fan out of the house. This picture was featured on the local news.

    [​IMG] the pollen this year was worse than I remember it.

    layed down some stripes in a pretty big yard.

    I'll post more pictures as I get them. Let me know what you think.

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