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walker lawn mower


LawnSite Member
does anybody have any information on the 2006 walker lawn mower. i would like to know what changes and new things walker is going to do to their mower in 2006. i heard they were going to use a 31hp kohler engine in 2006.

green acres lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
marshfield mo.
They will have a 31hp water cooled model that will run 7 mph. (faster than the navigator). I have never needed to go that fast mowing(mine has the speed-up kit installed) but I have often wished for more speed when going to dump or transporting. I mow at 10 mph+ with my tigers but the walker doesn't ride well going faster than 5 or 6 mph and the ghs deck starts to bounce. The scag couger(no longer in production) rode much better at the faster speeds, but it was heavy.