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Walker / Lazer???

Mike Felices

I am in the market for a rider for the 2001 mowing season. I have been looking at Walker's and Lazer's. NO CHOPPER'S! I am doing around 20 yards per week and about 12 of them are Bermuda or Zoysia. For this past year I have just side-discharged the grass, but that does not look decent anymore. The model's I am looking at are:

Walker MT 20hp Kohler w/ 42" GHS and 9.5bu catcher
Walker MT 26hp EFI Kohler w/ 48" GHS and 9.5bu catcher

LazerZ HP 23hp Kawasaki w/ 52" deck and a mulch kit
LazerZ LC 27hp LC Kawasaki w/ 60 deck and a mulch kit

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to know any problems that people have had with either machine. Any information will help me out. Thanks.


LawnSite Member
Use the search mode at the bottem of the screen and you will find a ton of information. I myself had this dilema earlier in the year and have decided to buy a 52" Exmark HP with an Ultra vac in spring. I have used a lot of Exmark equipment over the years and believe they are the best. And from what I have read in here so do a lot of people in the biz. Plus the Exmark with the mulch kit would be faster than the walker bagging. I have used walker before and they make a great machine also I just prefer Exmark. Either way you will get a good machine.


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Southern, Maine
We have 2 Walker mowers, 1 98 25HP 48" GHS 9.5 Bagger and a 2001 26EFI 48" GHS 9.5, you will love the new 26EFI we may be buying out another business that has 2 Walkers with accounts and if we dont buy them out then we will be getting a 3rd Walker and its going to be another 26EFI.


LawnSite Member
Mike, I have run a Walker for 3 seasons now and am generally quite pleased. I have been cutting for 15 years and have some definate thoughts on buying a new mower:

1.) Buy from the DEALER that will support you best, if your mower goes down will they give you a commercial loaner? Do they know how to fix what they are selling? The mower is only as good as the support behind it!

2.) If your dealer sells both talk with the guys using and buying the mowers, not just the salesman. They will give you the best info for your purchase.

3.) Buy on facts, not emotions. All mowers will breakdown and its at that point the Dealer keeps you profitable.

As far as my experience with Walker: My machine is a 25hp with (2) decks, a 48" GHS deck and a 62" with the mulch kit.
I felt this set up gave me the most versatility for my buck. As it turned out I use the 62" mulch deck almost exclusively, I'd rather doublecut a thick patch than catch and dispose someones clippings. The walker is a very capable mulcher. Ask a dealer about engine durability, my dealer is reporting that at about 1000 hrs engine trouble is common due to heat buildup in the tight engine compartment.

Good luck on you purchase


LawnSite Senior Member
northeast ,ohio
i own a walker now and will upgrade it to new this spring and will also buy a lazer this winter

get both!!!

you will have the best of all worlds and will be able to mow very fast in any situation


LawnSite Fanatic

I have a 27hp LC Kawi Lazer 60" and I paid $8495. A 72" of the same was $8995. A 26 EFI 60" was $8495. Not a bad deal for a 72" as its only $500 more. The EFI came with foot deck lift and susp seat standard. That was a good deal, but I am still leary of Kohler. I really wanted the LC Kawi as it was a quieter running engine than the Kohler. I have heard all positive things about the EFI Kohler, maybe they finally figured it out. The LC kawi is a little heavier machine, but I have not had any issues with weight yet.


Mike Felices

This is good information. Is it really worth the 10 grand for the Walker if you have problems at 1000hrs. I've seen Lazer's with 1800hrs before they have any problems. Is it relly worth the extra money for the LC engine though. I am only putting a 100hrs per year on it. It may be price wise, adn maintenance wise too much for me. The Walker's seem to have high maintenance. Anyone have comments on the maintenance part.


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I'd go with the Lazer 27hp,60". This will give you room to grow your business without buying another new machine 2 years down the line. Plus the Lazer is faster than the Walker.


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Ontario, Canada
Mike, I have a 48" ghs model with the 20 hp kohler in it. I have never had any engine trouble, it has 750 hrs on it. I had one hydro replaced under warranty last year, it had a whine, new one does too, but doesn't seem to hurt anything. My wife has put most of those hours on the machine, only other things were some shear bolts and pins and a belt. I've heard of guys saying the engines only last 1000 hrs but maybe the engines were dirty and over heated we keep ours pretty clean. I have a 72" Ransomes fop the big open properties that we do, the Walker and a Toro wbh do the rest.