WALKER MB + MBS reviews as mulchers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by khutch, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. khutch

    khutch LawnSite Senior Member
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    Do they mulch well?
    I'm searching the forums for WALKER MB + MBS reviews.
    I'm looking to demo this units and would to address issues that MB or MBS owners have with the rep.
    Also, pricing info.
  2. joemower

    joemower LawnSite Member
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    Yes! They mulch so well our company has gotten away from bagging or side discharging anything. We have 2 MBK's with the 48" mulching decks and 2 MBS's with the 52" rear discharge/mulch decks. The MBS is great on properties 1.5+ acres and the MB does well on anything 1.5 acres or less. Both do extremely well on hills. Too many things to brag about in words... you must demo and experience them yourself. My recommendations if you are going to buy them are: 1) Get the MBK with the 23 HP EFI with the newer 48" mulching deck 2) On the MBS get one with the 29 HP EFI, the 52" rear discharge/mulch deck, and the more aggressive style drive tires. Don't waste your money on the Diesel, light kit, or arm rest. The height adjuster kit for the 48" deck is a must. As for pricing, it will vary per dealer. I believe we paid about $8,000 for the MB 23 EFI and the MBS 29 EFI is going for around $10,600. Have fun with your demo and hit me up if you have any questions.
  3. mdghs

    mdghs LawnSite Member
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    Hi joemower! I picked up my new Super Bee Wednesday. I went with the 29efi 52 reardischarge/mulch. I did cost $10,599+tax. I am looking foward to using it next Spring! Thanks for all your help in making my decision.
  4. joemower

    joemower LawnSite Member
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    Outstanding mdghs! You're going to love it. Let me know if you're ever interested in my 60'' SD deck that I have here. It will be going on ebay at some point this winter. I hope your winter isn't too long staring at your new toy! I felt the same way last winter after buying my MSBY and not being able to play with it. I sure was a happy camper when Spring finally got here.
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  5. shadetreelawns

    shadetreelawns LawnSite Member
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    I bought a MBK a few months ago. It mulches very well. I got the 42" deck with the 18 hp Kohler. Out the door was 7200.00
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  6. Turf Dawg

    Turf Dawg LawnSite Gold Member
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    Hey Joemower
    sent you a PM
  7. BrunoT

    BrunoT LawnSite Senior Member
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    That's good news. I just saw the Walker demo promotion online after deciding I wanted to go small/light for a 2nd machine for my best lawns rather than a heavier midmount. The additional power of the Kohler 23 EFI should come in handy mulching. GHS would be nice but the additional cost is enough I'd rather just toss a side bagger on the Exmark if needed. I barely ever bag anymore. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. mowzilla

    mowzilla LawnSite Member
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    i run a 2012 walker mt 26efi ghs and a 2012 walker mbv with a 42 mulch deck. i used to have a 2010 exmark lazer z 48" and a 36 metro walkbehind, a exmark metro 26, and a commercial 21. it took all the exmarks to handle my properties. sometimes using two or three different ones to get the job done i can get done using a walker and a 21 mower. i use the ghs to do where i need to bag and the mbv where i do not need to bag, and now use a 21 mower very little. clients love the look , the cut, no ruts, no scalp,etc.. walkers are stand alone in a class by themselves on cut quality and ability. it has fueled my growth tremendously. zero problems, just keep them maintained. the mbv is quick, light and the best on slopes of just about any mower and any ztr i have used.
  9. aroddy

    aroddy LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm a newer Walker dealer and have just been selling the GHS units but I've demo'd the Super Bee 52'' Deck with a mulch kit and mulched some heavy leaves with it and I was really impressed with it. It mulched better than any other ZTR deck with a mulch kit I've seen.
  10. mowzilla

    mowzilla LawnSite Member
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    oh yeah, mulch performance on a walker?? INSANE. LITTLE BLOWOUT!!

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