Walker MBS vs grasshopper

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by TDLConceptsllc, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. TDLConceptsllc

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    Hello everyone I was comparing the walker mowers MBS 29hp efi to the grasshoppers and does anyone have a walker mower like this thanks in 60" or 74". I need to buy another mower like this front end zero turn style that is very reliable thanks for help
  2. chicken74701

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    I have never owned a Walker. Have three grasshoppers. One is an 02 721d with 2800 hrs. Still used daily. Have an 05 722d with 2000 hrs used daily. They last a real long time when cared for. Have been running grasshoppers for 18 years. I wouldnt own anything else.
    The Walker steering handles look awkward being between your legs but I may be totally wrong.
  3. JCLawn and more

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    I'm thinking of going back to grasshopper. I have the woods version of the 94 721d and it just contures to the ground better than mid mounts. I have kubota zd326 but its just rough on small lawns when you turn. I have 1800 hrs on my woods. I love my kubota, but I think I am going to smaller lawns and specializing on cut and bagging. Then add the grasshopper attachments and it just an awesome machine. I think if I get one I want a 725d with the t drive and 52inch deck with the grass collection system and edger with the power fold.
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    With the walker one hand steering the right hand is free to do other stuff. I bungee a 5 gallon bucket to the deck with a pick up stick so I can get the debris off the lawn while mowing (sticks, pine cones, trash). I'm using a 21hp diesel with an old 54 inch sd deck.

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