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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by hage1, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. hage1

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    I think this is the right forum for this question. Thanks in advance.
    I maintain about 2.5 acres of mildly sloping lawn, trees, flower beds. My local dealer got a Walker MCGHS 42" with 163 hours on it at an estate sale. It was only used for the homeowner's lawn. I can get it for $3700. I would be using it as the previous owner, just on my property. Does this sound like a good deal? He has various consumer produts (Simplicity, Cub Cadet) in the same price range, but new.
  2. Randy J

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    I can't speak to the price, but a few things about the Walker. They are a terrific machine for a manicured lawn, for bagging, and they're great for getting under trees, etc. But they are slow compared to a mid-mount mower, and tend to be expensive - as you noticed you can get new of other makes for the same money. I think it would do you well, but if you have large wide open areas, and time is most important out there, you might be better off with another.
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    I really don't have much open space, and I have to work around flower beds and trees. My wife is a real flower person. According to Walker, this machine is a commercial unit, which should be better than the consumer ones. I understand it retails for $8500 or so new. Presently, I use a Toro 16HP tractor with a 42" recycler deck. I spend as much time with my lawnboy trimming as I do on the tractor. I intended to buy some kind of ZTR next year, but maybe I should jump on this, as I would not be looking at $8500 machines. Thanks for you reply
  4. Randy J

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    Sounds like it would be a good machine for your purposes. I'd say jump on it.
  5. GripB

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    You should post this thread in the "Commercial Lawn Care" forum. You will probobly get usage and price feedback from LCO's who use Walker equipment. I've read several threads on LCO's who do use Walker equipment. Just a thought.
  6. hage1

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    thanks, I did post it there. But, I was too slow. Somebody else bought this creampuff while I wasted a day deciding. I knew it was a good deal, I should have trusted my instincts. Thanks to those who responded. This is a great website.
    Carl hage
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    I love my walker, I bought it for homeowner use as well, It now has 5 hrs on it.


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