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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by VisionMan, Jun 19, 2008.

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    I have a Walker Model C with a Kohler 16 HP engine. The mower was working fine until a couple of days ago. The mower would turn over, but would not start. I took the air filter off and cleaned it and also cleaned the carb. with an air compressor. I then sprayed with Quick Start and the mower cranked and I let it run about 15 minutes with no problem. The next day I went to use it. I tried to crank it before I left and it cranked up and I shut it right back off thinking everything was fine. I then proceeded to a job. The mower cranked and I was able to drive off the trailer before it stopped running. It would not recrank. I got more Quick Start, but it still would not crank. The fuel filter looks fine. Any suggestions?
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    Drain the bowl on the carb junk will get in there and cause problems. Always check your plug to.
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    Sounds more to me like a safety switch cutting it off. Look at the electrical drawing to see which ones keep it from starting. My first guess would be the blade safety switch. Get an electrical drawing and then use a test light to see if the electricity is going to right places. If you can't find it call walker manufacturing and ask for technical support. They can fax you a step by step list of how to check.
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    If it was turning over and now it won't I used to have to pull my speed control lever back if it didn't crank I would look for the switch attached to the speed control and just take a screw driver and push the button in more and it would crank telling me I need to adjust this safety switch. Look under the seat follow the control arm until to see the button on the front left side above the pump.

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