Walker Model MC 36" 16-hp Kohler engine

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bakerboy, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. bakerboy

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    It isn't a new mower by any means. It has 580 hours on it and runs good and has normal wear and tear our of it. They are asking 5k for it. I think it is way too much. What do you think a mower like that should cost? Or at least a resonable price for a machine like that?
  2. Jason Rose

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    You don't know what year?

    Don't quote me, because i'm not 100% sure my info is right, but if I recall the 16hp kohler in the walkers was problematic and discontinuted in favor of the 18hp. Overheating I believe was it's issue, the engine is oriented differently I guess. Point is I've always been steered away from the 16hp models, and any of the briggs powered models (though those are really old). The little MS with the 13hp Kawi (or even 11hp on the older ones) was pretty decent power for the 36" GHS deck, I had one for several years.

    $5K is too much, IMO... $3k is probably a lot closer to the realistic price, just because of it's age and engine. (I picked up a newer MC 18hp last summer, with 42" deck for 3,650., same hours roughly. ) It was probably really worth $4 to 4,500.
  3. bakerboy

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    I orginally thought that 5k was way too much and I guess I was right. Thanks for the info. It is an older mower that is for sure, I maybe want to say mid to late 90's. That is the year of the owners manual that I have. Not saying for sure that is the year, but everything that comes with it is hints that it is a 90's model.

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