Walker Mower All Seasons Dump from Catcher Lift Systems, help?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowinginEureka, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. MowinginEureka

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    I have a hi dump system on my walker mower that was manufactured by Catcher Lift Systems here in Arcata, California . It is called the All Seasons Lift, I believe. The supplied 1800 number on the dump system is not working for me, I think it is disconnected. My local walker dealer said that was the number they used too. I heard he relocated to Australia...anyone have some support information or a phone number? So far Google has been no help. My motor that operates my hydraulic ram to my dump is about toast and I really need a replacement. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. MowinginEureka

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    Does no one have any information on this?
  3. tomo

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    All seasons had a outlet here in Aust but as u have found out the company is now dissolved . Apparently walker purchased company . Some dealers do carry a few parts but most do not .

    There were 2x versions of hi lift
    electric lift ram
    or electric motor driving a hydraulic pump [power pack ] then operated hydraulic ram

    In both cases the manufacturer is written on the part with a part number

    As with all the hi lifts very over priced for little quality

  4. MowinginEureka

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    Well. Thanks a ton for the information, I believe the part numbers are kinda illegible. I shall try again. My ram is hydraulic, the other one you are talking about has an electric motor powering a screw type lift. So, yea. Thanks a ton! BTW I bought my walker used with the dump already installed...so, I didnt pay nearly as much. 300 hrs, well maintained, maintenance records hi dump, 26 hp efi, for under 10k...not too bad
  5. Mowingman

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    Why don't you call the Walker factory on monday. I bet they can help you.
  6. MowinginEureka

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    Well, now that I have suspect information that they may have been bought by walker. I am going to indeed try that, but my local walker dealer/authorize repair had no idea...and they are the only one for 400 miles.
  7. BMEquipment

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    I know its a late response, however, we carry the shocks on the side, a place called Meadow Green Sales may carry other parts. And to let you all know, Walker MFG did not purchase the company, the company may still exist, however its all in Australia.

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