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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ericg, May 3, 2008.

  1. ericg

    ericg LawnSite Silver Member
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    Hello, does anyone know of any other Walker Mower dealers in the NY/NJ area other than Precision mower in Nanuet, NY. I am looking to purchase two additional Walker 48" mowers with 23hp engines. I am looking to see if I can get a better price than just going to the one dealer in this area.

  2. Birdjr

    Birdjr LawnSite Senior Member
    from nnj
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    Try jersey power equipment in clifton nj. They have the lowest prices for new walkers in the area.
  3. metro36

    metro36 LawnSite Silver Member
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  4. Dave Maher

    Dave Maher LawnSite Member
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    Oakland Marine
    Oakland, NJ 07436

    rt. 287 runs right thru Oakland. Great people to deal with..
    Good Luck
  5. ericg

    ericg LawnSite Silver Member
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    Thank you for the names of the dealers. I will post back once i get my lowest price and purchase the two units. Thanks again.

  6. shade tree landscaping

    shade tree landscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    Its a ride for you from up there but look into Monmouth Power Equipment. Just bought a walker there, great price, great to work with
  7. ericg

    ericg LawnSite Silver Member
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    Just an update to my post. I was able to get a 2008 42" Walker with the 23hp Kohler for $9300.00 plus tax at Durie Mower in NJ. After visits to some of the dealers suggested here, the price was between $9300 and $9450. I guess there is not a lot of room for negotiation when purchasing a Walker.

  8. JoeFireman

    JoeFireman LawnSite Member
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    My regular Mower shop sells Exmark and they lent me a Navigater Demo. Its nice and didnt cloggn like promised but I have had my Walker ghs for over 15 years (needs replacement) and think I'd like to stick with walker. I work mostly alone and have alot of small accounts along with several large ones. I really wanted to cut down on the grass collection because my pickup gets full in a day and thought maybee a Lazer Z hp however I think it might be too big. I want to eliminate a walk behind besides a push mower. Any insight?
  9. ericg

    ericg LawnSite Silver Member
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    Joe, I have eight Walker machines, one Scag Cougar and an Exmark navigator. I keep going back to the Walker for the cut. We cut four hundred laws a week and the Walkers keep on going. Yes, they are a pain as far as upkeep but they keep going and going. We have machines with over five thousand hours that are going strong. Go with the Walker.
  10. JoeFireman

    JoeFireman LawnSite Member
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    My walkers second engine has just about had it. I'm a paid Firefighter and the lawns are my second job. I'm guessing my walkers about 15 years young and thought instead of replacing the motor I would finance a new one and keep this one as a reserve. Its still working but with the old engine the spring lawns are clogging it up. I just Demoed a Navigater with wet grass and it didnt clogg at all. Do the new Walkers clog and which do you recomend. I want to go with a 42 instead of 48 this time so I can get into some backyards that I now cant. Thanks.

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