Walker mower, kohler blowing oil, any suggestions

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bligh61, Dec 3, 2007.

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    I took my walker w/20hp kohler to the shop due to it running rough. I had cheked the plugs and they looked ok. The shop said the front cylinder is going. The plug was fouled. They said I could still run for the rest of season. Check oil and plugs frequently. But will need to replace engine soon. $2300 sound fair. Any suggestions?
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    bligh, when you get your mower back, get a second opinion from someone you know and trust,2300 is almost two engines, sounds awful high, but my wife just came in from N.Y. city and said a pack of smokes was $7or $8 bucks!!! Holy Cripes!!!
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    that sounds about right. remeber that is a complete motor. ( starter, carborator, everything). when i did mine i think i had to hook up the fuel line, and plug in a few connectors. it is complete. i think it has a 2 yr warranty. real simple to change yourself.
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    thats too high.... i have the same mower... mine went out... i bought another one for 1600 shipping included.... go look at J-thomas.com... check the prices for whole motors.... the old motor will last a good while .... or mine did... i was putting like a quart of oil and having to change spark plugs at least once a day or so... but it was still going when i finally put the other one in.
  5. Acswaupaca1

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    wohhhh 2300?
    Have a qualified dealer rebuild the motor? it sounds like your around the 1500 hrs mark. at the golf course i used to work at we rebuilt our kohlers around that 1500 mark and always got another 1500 hrs out of them, except when we had a dealer do it that hadn't had much experience. Cost to fix was around 1000-1500 depending on amount of wear
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    how about a head gasket?
  10. Acswaupaca1

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    Head Gaskets won't fix it.
    What happens is the rings wear out and you get blow-by though the piston's. I would bet if he pulls the air filter off there will be a little gas and oil mix laying in the filter housing and the filter will be covered and wet with the oil.

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