Walker Mower Kohler Engine problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Husky05, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Husky05

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    I got a walker mower 48inch GHS with a 20 Horsepower kohler engine. The machine has been used for a while. I got 1400+ hours on it. Anyway about a week ago I was using it and it literally just stopped moving. Long story short I started checking things and trying different things out. It still cranked, but would not start, which confused me. So I took the fuel lines out, made sure they were clean, changed the fuel filter, the fuel pump, everything worked fine. Filed the spark plugs, still wouldnt start.

    So I get it back to my shop and take the valve covers off, the valves arent moving. Now I think the camshaft is shot, so I tear it down. Then I notice that the gear on the crank shaft is cracked and not spinning. Now I am disgusted, because you cant just buy that gear you have to buy the whole 300 dollar crank. I also notice one of the valve stems is bent also.

    So I go to dealer, I have this engine torn down further then he knows what I am talking about (thats another story) He tells me buying the crank only probably wouldnt last longer then 3 months because I dont know how the pistons and valvues are. A short block is 1200 and a new engine is over 2k. I dont know what to do its worthless with no engine.

    Anyone ever replace a crank on a walker before? Did it last? Anyone got any advice it would be greatly apperciated.

  2. jetta

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    had a similar problem only with a lot less hours ....you will get no help from kohler at all, put in a short block
  3. ericg

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    We had a similar problem. Kohler refused to help as they said that we were not using Kohler oil filters and that is what caused the failure. This gear fracturing issue is not new.
  4. jetta

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    too bad walkers only come with kohler, if there is a problem in or out of warranty they hide. I have 7 kohler engines, only 3 have had early failures, they are early 2k.
  5. Husky05

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    ya i guess I am going to have to get a short block, it sucks because I really dont want to put this kind of money into this machine it has 1400 hours on it. But with no engine in it is basically worthless, with it running I dont even know what I could get for it?
  6. piston slapper

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    Husky....here's the deal....2 year warranty..regardless of usage...
    The crankgear breaks because of an irregular wear pattern on the camshaft..
    If you carefully inspect the camgear you will likely find 3 to 7 teeth in a row slightly damaged..
    The crank and cam must be replaced as a set...however..the alignment in the block that caused this problem may recreate the problem in 1000 hours or so...
    This problem is limited to horizontal shaft engines...never seen happen on a verticle..
  7. Husky05

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    ok thanks i get the ball rolling here

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