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OK I need a little help here I am looking at buying a company and part of the deal is a 4 year old 48 inch walker rider with bagger system. Plus a walker mower for parts. I have seen the adds even used one. But never have had to price one out. I called local dealers to see book value on this mower. Iam looking for what the going price is what can I expect to get back from the sale of the mower. The deal is cheap 50 accounts a walker mower a parts mower a 36 walk behind a power rake ryan core a trailer and all the blowers and trimmers and ect for $ 12000. Iam sold on the buy but just need to figure what I can get back after I get rid of a couple thing we have or dont need. Any help is taken thank you!!!!!111

gene gls

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It depends on the condition,the hours,if the unit has had the proper on going mantiance, and the availability of other used Walkers in your area. I would say from $2000.00 to $4000.00..The new Walker 48" GHS unit with 20HP lists for $9600.00 at my dealer.

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