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Walker mower pulls to left

RedMax Man

LawnSite Platinum Member
Dracut, MA
My 20hp. Walker GHS pulls to the left when i'm mowing. I'm always having to tap the right drive lever to keep it going straight. So my stripes are swervy and its harder to mow. I notice it after the machine has been running for a while and the hydros are warm.

Someone recommended i check the circumference of the tires to make sure they are equal. If i check the psi will that work or do i need to jack up the mower and measure around the tire?

do the hydros need new oil or some type of maintenance?

I know once a hydro is blown then its junk and has to be replaced but these don't seem that bad, they just aren't very even and a little rough.

Thanks of any help.


LawnSite Fanatic
Honestly, I usually step on top of the tire and can tell you whether it has enough air or not, but also I can kind of feel if they're evenly filled that way, a gauge would do this nicely as well, yes, even a few pounds could make a difference.

I would check the fronts also, if one is dang near flat it will do it.

As for them being the right size, if the tires are identical and the wear isn't much worse on either, that should be ok.

Hydros have adjustments, that's probably all it needs, something about truing the steering, I forget but it should be in the manual, likely under the Hydro section.


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There are some springs in the actuating linkage that can bind up a little. Start by cleaning them up and lubing them real good. You have to raise the back bin/hood up to get to them. ONe side is very hard to access and may have to be cleaned and lubed from the bottom. Are the fans still on both hydros and be sure the hydro belts are good and the idler is greased and free. The hydro oil needs to be changed occassionally but I doubt if that is your problem. There is an adjustment for tracking....It isn't hard but I am unable to put it in words that makes sense sorry. The telling thing is the unit gets worse after it heats up...that sounds like either belt slipping or hydro going out. Be sure the pulleys on the hydro are tight on shaft.

Triple L

LawnSite Senior Member
Just adjust the hydro's... Takes a long time to get it right but when your sittin on the machine, bend over and get a real small wrench... and youll see the nuts that are connected to the steering lever just turn it the opposite of which way it is driving... Again, hard to explain... Make sure your on a good flat road when you do it tho... Hope this helps... I've had to adjust myn a few times already.


LawnSite Member
Akron,Ohio 44312
Check out all the above But like mentioned if it gets worse after it warms up then it is likely going out & if you keep running it & letting the right one do all the work ,it may over heat that one & prematurely wear it out before its time. (I think this is what has happened to me) i have replaced 3 of them on my own with ones that i purchased from JThomos distributors ,with a 1yr warranty ,they are now $550 shipped to your door & I have only got them to last for 2 yrs. each. The original ones lasted 5-6 yrs. The 4th one went out & this time I had the Dealer do it (left one at $775)thinking i may have been doing something wrong & also to get the 3 yr pro rated warranty.So I will see how long I get out of this one if I do not get a newer unit before then.The tranny at the dealer is $600+tax but I think you have to have them install it to get the 3 yr warranty.

If you do it your self make sure & check the gears for play or wear in the gear box that the tranny mounts to because if there are worn bearings in there it could bind & put extra stress on the tranny & wear it out sooner.

Never open the caps to check the oil (contaminates could get in) only when your changing the oil & then make sure the machine is clean & always check the fans to make sure all the blades are on them