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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ClassicLawnCareInc, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    Im looking at buying a new Walker GHS mower with the diesel mower. I've never looked at them before now.

    My residential crew currently uses a John Deere 997 Diesel.
    For any bagging needed he uses a Accelerator metal bagger that can be attached to the side of the deck as needed. The good thing about him using this mower is that its great for cutting crappy tall grass lawns that only get cut once every two weeks and it does a great job cutting my best lawns that are picture perfect. I added the stripe bar from JD this year and it make it strip just as good as any mower I've seen. He cuts large and small lawns and this mower has done a great job. (I know some people would think this mower is way to heavy for cutting alot of lawns, but it's never been an issue).

    I want to buy a few more pieces of equipment this year for taxes and the Walker mower looks like a good fit for my residential cutting crew. He has the space on the trailer to dump clippings as needed and alot of my properties have areas to dump them as well. Im thinking we can use this mower for leaf removal as well.

    Ive talked to my local dealer and they priced out a new diesel GHS with the 48 deck, armrests with suspension seat, the piece to add to the hopper if I ever don't want to bag a lawn, and the quick deck height attachment. The total price would be $16,000.00

    I want to know everything anyone knows about these machines, the good, the bad, anything at all before I drop 16k on it.

    And I want a diesel b/c I only run diesel in all of my equipment except for my one Wright Stander 36". And I'm willing to pay more for the diesel b/c of the fuel consumption savings over time.

    Thank you
  2. Golfpro21

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    we run a new GHS 26 efi with 52" deck..............great machine, it is slower than most other machines but it saves time on other things.....the out front deck
    allows you to actually trim some areas with the mower instead of line trimmer so it saves some time there.

    One con is, with the hopper behind, it is somewhat cumbersome in amongst trees etc, you really have to be careful turning around obstacles.

    It is pretty good on slopes, but make sure if you have a good slope and are bagging, to do the slope first so the hopper is empty

    Cleaning the deck and sharpening blades is a breeze with the flip up deck

    You have to spend a bit more time every 50 hours greesing things (takes about 20 minutes)

    these machines are great for bagging and awesome for leaf clean ups
  3. BPS##

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    As long as you have good dealer support and the funds for a 16k unit I don't see a down side.

    Like mentioned their ground speed is not some thing thats a high point but when it comes to tight quarters a competent operator will make up for that pretty quick when it comes to dancing around trees etc.

    I've got probably close to 2000 hours on a walker.
    I can mow so much faster in close quarters than either of my two hired guys. But they do not have any where close to the experience that I do.
  4. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    Well I went to one of the two dealers in my area that sell these mowers. I tried out a 26 efi with about 350 hrs on it. Even though Im looking at the diesel this machine still gave me and my workers a good feel for what the mower is like.

    I do like just about everything about it. One thing I didnt like is you cant raise the deck up quickly, like if you come up to a stump, you cant just raise the deck up and go over it, you'd have to go around it. With my JD and hustler I can raise the deck up to move the machine around.

    I like the way its made and the way they designed bagging part of the mower.

    Ive got some thinking it do.

    anybody else have any comments?
  5. BPS##

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    If you have strong legs you can stick your toes under the frame on the front of the deck and lift up and over small stuff.

    This works better with the 42" deck than the 48". That 6" extra steel sure makes it heavier.
  6. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    Lol thats one way to look at it
  7. electric

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    You will be pleased with the diesel and never tied to a dealer if anything happens to the computer with the EFI. Also the kubota diesel is bullet proof in comparison to Kohler engines. I can write a book on problems associated with them even with low hours. The MDD, MTEFI and MTLEFI all have increased ground speed of 7mph. They now all sport the 7240-4 pulley that was always used on the MTLEFI model. Also enhanced spring dampening now tied into steering linkage. You just can't go wrong with Walker mowers.
  8. LLandscaping

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    We have a 2006 Walker 42 26 efi with 1500 hrs. The new ones have a improved hopper and larger impeller . We like ours had to put one wheel motor and rebuilt motor around 1100 hrs because it was using oil. Walkers have more grease points then most mowers. We will be buying another in the spring.
  9. american dream

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    I have a new 23hp 48" GHS and it's been nothing but problems with the mower I would stay away from them.
  10. BPS##

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    Oh yeah, they got to the point of producing over 250,000 units and selling in multiple countries by producing junk.

    Its possible you got a lemon, work with your dealer to get it fixed under warranty.

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