Walker Mower Questions.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turfer, Apr 2, 2001.

  1. Turfer

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    1.Does anybody use the 52" side discharge / mulching deck ? How does it mulch ? I'm thinking about getting one to use this summer. I've got a 42" ghs now with 20hp. The 52" will work on most of my properties and with this convertible deck, I'll have all options to handle clippings.

    2.Do you have to disable the ghs when you switch to a side discharge or mulch deck or do you just plug it?

    3.Do the all-terrain tires tear up the turf when turning ?

  2. captdevo

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    I use a 52" tilt with double blades mounted with just the Walker saddles from the Walker mulch kit, no baffles and it works great!

    You can plug the GHS or remove the blower belt, i remove the belt if i'm not using the GHS for quite a while, but i really don't think it makes any difference.

    If all you have are the 8.50 tires you would be better off with 10.50 low profile.

    The all terrains are nice on hilly areas, they do take getting used to, practice, practice, practice cause they will leave divits.

    Have a Walker day!!


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