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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky05, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Husky05

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    Hey all,

    Anyone that has experiance with Walker Mowers please give me some good feedback. I need to buy a ztr for the amount of mowing that I do now on a weekly basis and I bag probably 70% of my accounts. I have been researching several different types of ztr's but lately I have been on this Walker kick, going into great depths of research about them and asking a few landscapers around my area who own them what the think about them etc etc.

    From what I have seen, them seem to be extremely well built machines and from what I hear very dependable and give a very professional cut.

    The other day, I was at my local dealership and it just so happens this dealer sell Walkers. He also had one in stock from the end of the season. It was the 26 HP Kohler Walker 48in deck, 9.5 bushel mounting kit, the motor was EFI. He told me he would sell it brand new for 10,500. He also went on to tell me that Walker sells another mower that is 20HP its the same machine, but 6 HP less and has a little bit of a smaller frame, and is run on a carburater instead of EFI. He said MSRP on that machine is $8,300. Do you guys think that is worth the extra 2,200 dollars? I plan on using this machine on a daily basis at least 5 days a week for 7 months out of the year. Alot of mowing and alot of hours, what would your suggestions be??
  2. Ron's Lawncare

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    if the 20 hp is a mtghs it's the same chasis. the mcghs is the older chasis but i thought 18 hp was the biggest you could get.
  3. 2 clowns mowing

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    i bought a walker this spring it's a 20mt with 42" deck 9.5 bushel hopper and big blower. i've added the high speed kit and high dump which is very worth it .the 20 hp engine works well. plenty of power. i put 300 hard hours on it this year. had problems with the alarm in hopper a couple of times and the hopper hinges breaking but walker did a upgrade which fixed it. i've heard that the 26 efi is nice until it breaks down and can be hard to fix the fuel use is the same for the 26 and the 20 i would buy the 31 hp next time. i bought a used 52" side discharge the 20 hp had no trouble running it. i sucked a rock into my blower and blew it apart but walker did replace it under warranty. the only trouble i've had was the dealer was a real ass hole. so i went to walker and they took care of everything. the other problem is it's not a speed mower and it won't climb hills it will drive backwards up a hill with no problem it won't hold a hill going sideways. i tried using the knobby tires they helped but tore up the ground more. i'm using the narrow tires. leaf and heavy grass pickup was easy for the walker and it does a great job with the finish mow. thinking of buying there walk behind with a 42" side discharge deck to give the rider a break and use it for grass and leaf pickup only
  4. John Gamba

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  5. RedMax Man

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    A Walker GHS is the best tool for leaf cleanups. Being able to trim closely on both sides of the deck and not having any bulky grass catchers mounted on the side or the back also saved alot of time and makes the job easier.
  6. crzymow

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    As far as gas consumption, the 26 hp fuel inj is much better on fuel.
  7. corey1977

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    I would go with the 26 and but a side discharge deck for large arears that 26 will run the 74 inch deck
  8. mojob

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    I'd buy the 20hp GHS and put the money you're saving toward the high dump option for it. Make sure the deck will fit through any gates you might have. I know some guys that just do residential and they use the 36" decks.
  9. Husky05

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    The high dump option is 3200 roughly, and from what I hear it isnt the greatest thing. You have to be perfectly level or it will tilt especially if you are lifting heavy wet spring grass. Also, I use a dump truck and I have high boards on the side I dont know the specs of the dump option but I dont know if it would clear it.
  10. Fantasy Lawns

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    I've own most of those eng options .... I have a couple of 20's ...2 were the GHS .... which later we just changed over to mulchers after I stopped bagging bout 5 years ago .... we're OK but slowed down in the wet stuff n plugged the chute up ....still a very good work horse

    I had a 26 EFI which ....to say the least was a let down ....with all the little touchy issues the EFI system had ...BEFORE one of the guys dropped it at the bottom of a pond ....it was never the same ... put on 1000 more hours before the eng gave out ....so after 1700 hours I installed a replacement 20HP carb model just last summer

    I have a 25 carb engine model which is a beast ... fore a Walker

    So to get back ....I'd get the largest engine you can afford ...but fore the most part the 20HP should be fine

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