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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chrissmart123, Mar 26, 2009.

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    The hour meter telling you to change the oil is normal. It is preprogrammed to tell you that every 100 hrs. As far as the exhaust "glowing", that is normal as long as it is only the header pipes coming out of the engine that are glowing. I've noticed the header pipes glowing on all of my Walkers at one time or another. The first time I ever saw it was when I was finishing up a leaf cleanup in the fall and it got dark on me. If the muffler itself is actually glowing then I'd say you've got a problem.
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    Regardless I would say if your dealer is honest a once over by them is not a bad idea.
  3. terrypiper

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    your hour meter will flash every 25 hours and say lube that means you need to grease all the zerks and trust me there are tons of them. i have had my walker for 4 years now and just found 2 that i didnt know were there. i would get an owners manual if i were you. now at every 100 hours it will flash oil guess what that means? yes you need to change the oil and filter
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    is all your snow gone yet lol, still too soggy here to start mowing but the people are complaining that im not there go figure
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    THANKS, to all you who have responded. all of your input had helped greatly, i guess i was a little worried considering i have just dropped close to 4k on the mower and i don't know these things inside and out yet(still getting used to the controls). my dealer still hasn't had time to look at it yet but know i'll know if hes trying to take advantage of my age(19) and maybe he thinks I'm clueless and take me for a loop..anyway i still think its good to have it checked out and make sure it running at its best for the season to come..and as for the snow terrypiper its pretty much gone here..still some soggy spots though.. once again THANK YOU ALL!!.... sincerely Chris Smart
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    Assuming your machine did not come with service/owners manulas. Go to Walker.com and find yours and print them out. All you need is the serial number off of your machine.
  7. chrissmart123

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    i contacted the previous owner and he is shipping them. i forgout to get them when i picked up the mower.
  8. chrissmart123

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    hello again i called my dealer and they said it has a broken fly wheel key. and now they have to pull the whole moter.. and its gonna cost a lot of $$$$ i think. im just asking if this is a real problem are is this B.S.?
  9. Jason Rose

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    does it run? If so, then the flywheel key isn't "broken"...

    What problem is the engine having??

    To replace a flywheel key on a walker, yes, the engine must be pulled out, but it's not that big of a job, 1/2 an hour labor at the MOST. Replacing a flywheel key is a 5 minute job and 10 cents in materials, then another 30 minutes to reinstall the engine. A decent shop would charge you for probably 1.5 hours of shop time. Any good redneck would fix it in his own garage, lol.
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    Off the top of my head, here are some things that I have seen cause a muffler to glow when it probably shouldn't:
    1. Old muffler with thinning/rusting metal.
    2. Carb too lean. Causes the engine to run hot and without enough lubrication in the combustion chamber. If you are running lean the spark plug will be white.
    3. Carb adjusted so rich that you get backfires. Explosions in the muffler will make it hot. If this is the case your spark plug will look black and foul.
    4. Wrong spark plug and/or wrong gap. I don't know why this is, but I suppose it could be related to incomplete combustion.

    An easy thing to try it to get out the manual and adjust the carburetor jet to factory. It should be easy to do, just screw it in all the way, then back out as much as the book says. I guess it depends how comfortable you are with working on your equipment though.

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