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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by totallpm, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. totallpm

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    from Utah
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    I have a 1998 walker 20hp that cuts and handles like nothing else that I have used.

    However......My local dealer does not have the best reputation for being economical on repairs and parts. He is the only one of two authorized walker dealers in the state and the other one is hours away.

    Example... $60.00 to repair a flat tire. Took it to discount tire and they fixed for free and charged 8.00 for the tube.

    I need the starter done and found out the part is 265.00 and it requires an update kit at 180.00 and this does not include any labor. To replace the starter the engine must be pulled.

    I can do most of my own repair work just do not like to after years of doing it. In order to save money does anyone have a great dealer or resourse for Walker parts ?

  2. slplow

    slplow LawnSite Senior Member
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    My dealer charges $60. hr so I do most of the repairs. I did the starter on my walker it took about an hr to do and I did unbolted the engine to do it. try www.preco.com for the parts.
  3. southside

    southside LawnSite Senior Member
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    Once the motor on mine ran out of warranty I stopped taking it
    to the dealer. As for tyres it's way cheaper to go to a tyre retailer.
    Front tyres on my Walker (ATV) are tubeless,so it's a very quick
    procedure to repair.
  4. walker-talker

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    $60 to repair a flat. I paid less than that for a new tire.....mounted

  5. LJ lawn

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    unfortunately WALKER dealers seem to be a pain to deal with, $$$ are out of control."ohhh,that's a SPECIAL part sir" that will be kaCHING! $400 AT LEAST. yeah,i got sick of dealing with these walker dealers -their attitude,and their protected territories.we got some guy round here (WALKER dealer)charging $50 (FIFTY BUCKS!!!) for a donaldson air filter.if it's not a walker SPECIFIC part i would'nt go to a dealer to get it.luckily i have a guy who services all brands of equipment regardless if you bought it from him or not.and he's landscaper only- wont do residential.
  6. summitgroundskeeping

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    In this biz, you have to do your own repairs on non-warrentied equipment to make any money in the end. Or hire a mechanic if there are too many repairs to do, but they're expensive.
  7. gene gls

    gene gls LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have a 97 Walker and am on my 5th starter. The last one I paid $265.00 also, just for the part. Make sure to get your old one back and take it to some one that rebuilds starters. Most are fixable, the dust gets in it and binds it up. My rebuilder gets $45.00 for cleaning, new bushings, and checking armachure.

    What sort of update kit are you talking about? I haven't heard of this yet.

    Every business is slow and some are inflating the price if you don't ask before having work done. This happened to me last year, now I ask about everything.

  8. totallpm

    totallpm LawnSite Member
    from Utah
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    That is a greatr suggestion on having the old one rebuilt. I did not even think of that as a possibility.

    I was told that Kohler does not make the origional starter. Kohler had updated to a new starter that is a little larger. As you know the clearance between the starter and the blower is tight so they sell an update kit to get more clearance. I was told it was 180.00.

    I ended up with a starter they stole off a new motor that they had in stock so I did not need the update. The starter, ignition switch, battery and a pre season tune up just set me back $985.00.

    great week I also lost a 40K yearly account on Mon. to a scab.

    Thanks for your info Kevin Total Landscaping
  9. gene gls

    gene gls LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have a 20 HP Kolher also. Something sounds fishey here! There is very little room for a larger starter to begain with. I don't picture any improvements to starter access unless the engin is moved some how from its present location. I will check with my dealer on his input.

    My spring check up was cheap this year, only $475.00.


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