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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grasscutter122003, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. grasscutter122003

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    I have a walker mower with the 25 hp kohler eng. It is a 1998 model. Never a days trouble, until now . The engine oil temp warning light and horn sounds all the time now. Even when first started. Anybody got and help with trouble shooting? Thanks.. :help:
  2. zz218

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    need additional info not familar with walker. When you say horn do you mean like in a car or more of a audible warning due to low oil? If audible warning due to low oil could be due to low oil presure or bad sensor or a short to ground. If you mean a horn like on a car and both problems started at same time, I would be looking for a short to ground somewhere probably wires rubbing frame.
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    That year kohler 25 had a lot of problems with head gaskets. But once again more information is needed. How many hours does it have. Have you Cleaned the engine up so you can see if any wire are lose or oil is leaking. Could be as simple as a bad heat sensor or lose wire.
  4. JHLC

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    I had the same problem, my head temp sensor came apart and touched the exhaust pipe. This completed the circuit and sounded the alarm. I would check for pinched wires. That engine has 2 sensors on the same buzzer. The oil pressure (on top next to the carb) and the oil temp (In the front oil drain).
  5. grasscutter122003

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    from georgia
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    Actually I had a problem with the ignition switch. Rain corroded it on the inside. This was the switch made before the cover was intergrated over the key hole. I sprayed contact cleaner in the key hole and that seems to have stopped the warning horn. Thanks for all the help guys!!!!! :) :D

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