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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jathames, May 30, 2008.

  1. jathames

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    Has anyone bought the setup with the optional 31 hp motor or the 20.9 diesel.. I currently have the 26hp and I am thinking of purchasing another one and was just wondering about these two options..

  2. grassaholic

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    I run a 26efi and a 31efi. The extra power of the 31 is nice when cutting tall thick grass but really isn't needed most of the time. I'm really glad I added the 31 to my trailer this year. It has saved me alot of time this spring in the tall, thick, wet stuff. All the liquid cooled Walkers have a faster ground speed than the other models. The ground speed is even faster than the speed up kit that can be purchased from Walker. The extra speed is nice for running back to the truck to dump the grass. As far as the diesel goes, I think it is the most powerful Walker. I know the diesel is only rated at 20.9 hp but from the demos I have done with the diesel it is a beast. The only reason I went for the 31hp gas as opposed to the diesel was weight and the price of diesel costing more at the pump. Keep in mind that both the 31 and 20.9 liquid cooled models weigh more than the air cooled models. This does affect the handleing on hillsides. The diesel weighs the most because it's a 3 cylinder engine and the diesel engine block is thicker and heavier than the twin cylinder gas Kohlers. If weight is an issue for you then I would consider the 31 over the diesel. If not the Kubota diesel should last you a long long time! I've cut some super tall grass with a diesel on a demo and the engine rpm's didn't change. Don't be fooled by the lower hp rating of the diesel.:drinkup:
  3. Itsgottobegreen

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    I have demoed all of the high end walkers. 26hp efi, 31hp efi, 21hp diesel. The 26hp works just fine, 95% of the time. Mine shoves around a 62" deck 8 hours a week with out a problem. The reason I didn't go with the 31hp is I couldn't see spending another $2000, but it does come loaded with options. The diesel was another $3000, but the added weight increase really kills ya on hills. I am a diesel freak, and my dealer flat out talked me out of it. I love my 26hp and would probably just buy another one just like it. Unless they put the 26hp efi on the super bee.

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