Walker Mowers kick butt in the SNOW? Come on!

Ive attached a photo of my Walker Mower GHS diesel set up with the implement hitch and both the 42" Snowblower and 46" plow blade. All attachments are made by RAD Technologies out of Canada and are of great commercial quality. I do "plowless" snow removal in Northeast New Jersey for the last 6 years, where people are willing to pay for the increased quality and lack of "landscape dismemberment" that often times occurs when plowing, especially on paver driveways. You guys have to see this thing push snow and climb hills while both blowing and plowing. Really a killer setup well worth the cash if you have it invested in a Walker to begin with. I invested a few hundred in the Carlisle low-profile ATV tires and rims because chains are not a possibility on my driveway accounts. I custom made the light rack out of an $11 piece of aluminum from Lowe's and a cheap $35 off-road light kit from AutoZone. They work awesome, do the trick, and best of all the light bar won't rust. I also added a 1" thick piece of plow rubber to the bottom of both the blower and plow to eliminate scratches and clean right down to the surface. My walker does the same job as my Toro Snow Commanders, but is able to throw 18" of snow over 40'. Probably the sickest snow machine for sidewalks and driveways. The zero-turn is so fast its crazy! I urge you all to try it. Just keep plenty of shear pins handy for frozen newspapers and curb contact. You'll need them even if you're careful. (if the paper isn't frozen...looks like New Years in Times Square---pretty cool) I also have an RAD hitch for a Toro Z300 series Walker Clone...brand new...with weight kit that I have when I purchased a brand new 46" RAD blower setup off ebay. If anyone is interested or if anyone local wants to sell a Toro "walker clone" I just need it to run and have strong hydros...the rest doen't matter to me at all. Thanks



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that thing is beastly!

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Looks awesome. I watched the video Walker sent me the other day and it had the snow blower and brush, very cool.

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How well balanced is that set up when you are driving with the blower attachment up?

Looks awesome! I miss the winters to an extent. Grew up in Detriot, MI. I used love to go plowing with my Dad when I was a little kid.


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that is very nice, if i used those i would def do snow with it. that is one very nice way to utulixze the out front mowers
I added an approx. 70 lb. sandbag to the catcher and made a quick setup out of an old 2x4" to secure it against the door of the bagger. So it balances out really well now, even when the blower gets caked with snow. cheap alternative to weight kit if you only need it for winter. I also disconnected the GHS motor and took the blower belt off so the blower doesn't spin while doing snow....try to save the bearings a little if we can. As for heat...I originally wanted to add a cab with heat...but doing driveways..I'm on and off it so much...I think the cab would get cumbersome. Especially since I only work when the flakes stop flying. Layers is the name of the game for sure!
Also...for anyone interested....The Kubota D-722 thats in this machine....starts right up for me even when temps are in the teens...I know a lot of you are in areas that get colder than that...but my Kubota isn't hard to start in the winter at all. Just to counter what I heard about the diesels prior to purchasing this machine. oh yeah....as for the tires...they are the Walker all terrains by Carlisle....best money I spent in a long time. Up a steep incline, and I mean STEEP...I still get descent traction. Next investment will be the speed-up kit to use when it plows. A bit more ground speed might help get the snow to roll off the plow better.


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Lets see some action shots of this beast

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