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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by JaysLawnServices, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    Come on Guys!!!!!!

    These are not the only Walkers here on this site!!!

    Let's see some attachments too!


    Different set ups? Maybe some Fab'd up crazy stuff?
  2. 35DollarLawns

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    They can't or you will say photo shopped.??
    I have those crazy stuff Including one as a bobcat loader conversion ;) I'll keep it though.
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  3. Armsden&Son

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    Take a look on the first page 35....

    That's me, and I'm not afraid to show it.....

    But where are you?

    I have never questioned anybody's photos except for yours.... Because yours was obviously fake.

    Why would you keep your bobcat loader Walker conversion photo to yourself?

    Why not share it?

    I got the stones to post photos...

    Do you?
  4. Armsden&Son

    Armsden&Son LawnSite Silver Member
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    And please elaborate about your Walker Bobcat Loader Conversion....

    Because we know you won't post the pics.....

    I would love to hear how you did it....
  5. JonesLawnCareWV

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    Subscribed so I can stay up to date on this thread. Love the looks, efficiency, and finished result of a Walker mower. I scour Craigslist in the tri-state area weekly to watch for a good deal on one. Unfortunately, they're always 2000+ hour rust-buckets that look damaged beyond repair. And half of them don't even run.

    As per pics from 35... :rolleyes:
  6. jman228

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    Just thought I'd share since I just came across this thread. Heres the new T23 42" my boss picked up today. Beautiful machine and I was surprised to see they shipped us the new T23 instead of the MT because I had messaged a Walker representative on Facebook, and he said they wouldn't hit showroom floors until the summer. Can't wait to tackle lawns with this beast!

  7. Sunset LC

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    that is a nice setup. Reminds me of my first dump trailer I had. Only differences were I could back into it from the trailer and had a door on the side that was hinged at the top so I could open to dump grass. Loved it.
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  8. 35DollarLawns

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    It was simple with a torch a welder an old parts.

    If you were truely asking I might tell you it involved a chin and
    Large sprockets to match from the tractor store some tires off a trailer and hubs that matched then using 2"x3"x3/16" square stock we was able to build a working bobcat to scale to fit the main frame of a walker.

    We used simple avalible tractor parts and did it over a winter as a project, I never said it was production quality.

    We took a old usable walker frame and components and matched a tractor hydrolic pump to the factory pto to power the system. Where the forward control is we set the speed wide open and removed the handle, in the area we placed a 3 lever valve arm up/ down and bucket up/down and 1 full flow forward/reverse.
    There is no way to use the walker to mow.
    We moved the wheels forward and one to the rear with the factory hydro in the center using chains to power the wheels.

    We had a first try one which used the factory designed tires only and it was to low, would get stuck up
    By placing the wheel set forward it helped the proportions and balance. It is nowhere as good as a true loader but it can clean out a 14'x14' barn stall like its no ones business..it dumps nicely over 4' walls, steel fences etc.

    We did it for fun and it turned out well for our uses.
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  9. 35DollarLawns

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    I am unsure but I don't think it's a new model, the box looks white??? They all have gray boxes it has to be last season stock. The dealers here have the new ones in , all gray.
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  10. GMLC

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    Awesome pic brotha!!! My kids are my life...

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